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Public speaking tips and techniques

There are more people who are afraid to speak in public than there are people who are afraid of death. This is why the famous writer Mark Twain once wrote: "There are two kinds of speakers: liars and those who are nervous." But anyone can learn to speak in public. Thanks to training, advice and guidance from experienced speakers and speakers, you can be on stage with a good story in no time. Get started right away because there is always someone online who can teach you how to speak in front of an audience. Get in touch via live video call and you will be advised immediately.

Why are people afraid to speak in public?

When you're on stage, people can approach you about what you are saying or doing. This can feel like personal humiliation. Few people are insensitive to it, and those who are completely insensitive to it are likely to have some mild mental abnormality. Even the most seasoned speakers, pop artists, and performers suffer from stage anxiety. When we present ourselves to others, we want to show the best of ourselves and on stage, that can be difficult.

What do coaches do for public speaking?

Public speaking coaches can teach you how to tell a story that will inform, surprise, move, or inspire your audience. They will give you the support you need to perform well and get the message across to the audience.

By analyzing speeches from the past, different models have been created that a speech must conform to in order to be perceived by the audience. You can learn these lessons from speakers.

Public speaking coaches teach you remotely.

On TheONE, you can remotely learn via a live video call. This gives you access to the best speakers from around the world. You can call them without an appointment and ask them for advice or lessons right away. Check out their profile and choose the public speaking coach that suits you. If you install the TheONE expert app, you can get in touch with your personal coach for public speaking shortly before the performance. That way you can go on stage with confidence.

What does a good speech have to fulfill?

A good speech is only partially determined by its content. Some even say that a speech is only valued for 15% of its content and the rest is about the way the speech is delivered. On the other hand, a speech in which the speaker performs all sorts of tricks is not appreciated at all. It is important that the language is authentic and that it is presented authentically.

7 tips for a good speech

  • Use visual examples - this is how you engage your audience in your story.
  • Use your own emotion that you feel about your story. If you don't have emotions about the subject, don't expect your audience to feel anything.
  • In a nutshell. As a listener, it is difficult to deal with a topic for a long time. Often times, saying less is the only way to get a message across.
  • Stick to one topic. You can use multiple examples to clarify a topic, but more than one topic creates confusion.
  • Engage your audience. Speeches in which the audience is involved, e.g. through a question, are valued up to 20% more.
  • Surprise someone with a conclusion, statement or gesture. People want to experience something in order to remember a message. So make sure that they will experience something unexpected.
  • Be yourself. Everyone hates learned tricks. Certainly a large audience.

Do you want more tips and advice for a good speech or do you want to learn to speak in public? Contact a public speaking coach. Today is the day you can learn to speak in public.

You can also practice speaking in public thanks to TheONE Webinar. Creating a webinar is easy and you can set a minimum number of participants. That way, you can be sure that you have an audience to practice your story on. You can give the webinar for free or ask for money. During and after the webinar, it's easy to ask for feedback on how your audience came across.