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Vodafone is changing its network ID again

Vodafone is called Vodafone again
Photo: teltarif.de At the beginning of the Corona crisis, Vodafone changed its network ID. Instead of the usual lettering Vodafone.de has been on most smartphone displays for several weeks #StayHome VF.DE faded in. This should remind users every time they look at their cell phone to only leave their own four walls during lockdown if absolutely necessary.

The ID was not chosen quite happily, especially since the domain VF.DE does not belong to Vodafone, but rather obviously to a domain grabber. When the corona lockdown was relaxed in mid-May, Vodafone also responded. The Düsseldorf mobile network operator no longer asked its customers to stay at home. Instead it stood now #Stay healthy on the smartphone displays of the users.

The correct identifier is back

Vodafone is called Vodafone again
Photo: teltarif.de Now the Düsseldorf mobile network operator has returned to its actual network identifier. As before the Corona crisis is now again Vodafone.de displayed. The first customers noticed the change in the past few days. However, the change will be distributed successively.

According to the teltarif.de editors' observations, the update sometimes only takes place after a change of location (or after the smartphone has been logged into another radio cell). In some cases, it is sufficient to briefly switch the smartphone off and on again to get the Vodafone standard ID again.

According to user reports, changing the network display did not work for all users anyway. In particular, owners of simple cell phones and older cell phones reported that they could not detect any change in the network ID even during the corona lockdown.

Telekom also tried a special identifier

In Germany, Telekom had also tried to activate a special ID for the time of the corona lockdown. At the end of March, the company announced the planned change from Telekom.de to BleibZuHaus T.de. However, the network operator had limited the campaign to private customers. Apparently the changeover - unlike Vodafone - was canceled anyway, because in practice the new advertisement hardly reached any customer. With congstar, a discounter also took part. Instead of the provider name, the identifier Common? Go! appear on the smartphone displays.

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