Which is the most expensive supercar

The most expensive sports car in the world

Customers are welcomed in a castle on the Bugatti company premises near Strasbourg. Because anyone who spends 1.2 million euros on a car also expects first-class treatment. Technician Edouard Klein is responsible for the "Veyron" - probably the most expensive sports car in the world - at the car manufacturer belonging to the VW group. He'll have his hands full before Christmas. The 39-year-old from Strasbourg still has to deliver two of the speedsters. "A customer in Malaysia absolutely wants the car before Christmas and I have to bring the second to Zurich as a present". On 120 days a year, Klein jets around the world to fulfill the special requests of "Veyron" owners.

The car has seven gears, can do 407 kilometers per hour and has 1001 hp. It can go from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 2.5 seconds. A "normal" sports car takes at least twice as long. Because no commercial tire can withstand this, special copies had to be developed.

From the studio

Around 75 of the cars are built each year in the light-flooded "Atelier" in Dorlisheim, France. Since the start of production in 2005, 260 pieces have been manufactured. However, you rarely come across the low companions with the characteristic air inlet tubes in this country. "You can see him on the streets in London and Los Angeles," says a company spokesman.

The top product is the "Veyron Super Sport", the production of which will start at the turn of the year and for which 25 orders have already been placed. It has 1200 hp and a top speed of 415 kilometers per hour. "It is harder tuned, more direct in the steering and a further development in the direction of sportiness," says the company spokesman. When idling, the engine sounds full and dark, like a powerboat.

Like a work of art

For the Italian Ettore Bugatti, who came to neighboring Molsheim in 1909, cars have always been works of art. After the bankruptcy in 1998, VW breathed new life into the brand and series production began in 2005. The super speedster got its name from the French racing driver Pierre Veyron (1903-1970), who at the time drove for Ettore Bugatti.

With special equipment, the price climbs very quickly by several 100,000 euros. The finest interior with leather seats comes from the Parisian luxury goods supplier Herm├Ęs. And as far as the body is concerned, the ultimate in pure carbon fiber with a clear coat. Aren't the owners afraid of scratches or jealous passers-by? "That has never happened before. Even the greatest vandal stands in awe in front of this car," says the company spokesman.

4000 euros for the living room cabinet

There are hardly any celebrities such as footballers or actors among the owners. "The car is too expensive for them, they stay in the Porsche or Ferrari category. Only seriously rich people, mostly industrialists, buy a" Veyron "," says the spokesman. 30 percent of production goes to the USA, another third to the Middle East - in the direction of Dubai, Qatar or Saudi Arabia. Then come Great Britain, Germany and Switzerland.

And for modest demands, there are also small models for the living room cabinet at Saint Jean Castle in Dorlisheim. They only cost 4,000 euros each. (dpa)