Who will capitaen India after Virat Kohli

Smog in New DelhiCricketers vomited

There were ghostly scenes in the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium in New Delhi. Sri Lanka's national cricket players, appropriately dressed in white jerseys, and: with white protective masks against the smog. Arms crossed, they consult. Two players leave the field. According to her coach Nic Pothas, to throw up in the dressing rooms: "We're here to play cricket whenever possible. We didn't want to interrupt the game. We just cared about the health of our players Two of our throwers, who really have to work hard on the field, had great difficulties. "

In fact, the air values ​​on Sunday were - as they have been on almost every day since mid-October - in extreme ranges. The fine dust values, for example, exceeded the mark of 300 micrograms per cubic meter of air - the limit value of the World Health Organization is 25 micrograms. Doctors have been warning for weeks that exercise can be dangerous because the air is poisonous and not fresh.

Warning of sports in winter

A court in New Delhi also found that it was wrong to move such a game to New Delhi in the particularly bad winter months, but this complaint remained. Many Indian sports fans, however, did not get this message: "Sri Lanka only used the smog as a pretext to damage New Delhi's reputation," said one viewer. "Our Indian players played too. The whole team! Yes, there is smog here. But it is also true that Sri Lanka only pushed the smog forward to interrupt the game. Our captain Virat Kohli just had a really good run . "

India's national coach made a similar statement. His players didn't need respirators, he trumpeted. However, Indian cricketers were seen wearing masks during the breaks. And Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian team, expressed outrage about the smog in New Delhi weeks ago.