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The path to becoming a successful singer is not easy.

The profession of the singer

For many of us TV consumers, a singer is synonymous with casting shows, happiness, fans and lots of money. You can see from the actual job description that this is not always that easy. For example, if you want to sing along in a choir, you usually have to Study of music have completed to be allowed to audition at all. As a choir singer you then sing in theaters, on opera stages, for radio or television or at musicals.

The activity in the choir often results in the Solo singing. Of course, it is also possible immediately to Path of the individual artist to strike. Solo singers also sing on the above-mentioned stages and houses. A great artistic career can emerge from these careers, but skill and patience are required. The stress of the successful singer should not be disregarded either, because without diligence there is no price in this profession.

Studying music is also an advantage for the songwriting profession. The employment is mostly freelance for individual concerts or festivals.

Merit of a singer

The salary cannot be specified precisely. The income depends primarily on the person Fame of the artist from. The specific training also has an influence on the salary.

Become a singer

Many young people want to have a beautiful voice. To follow the idols of rock and pop and also to become famous and rich, an understandable goal. You should get training to become a singer think carefully and maybe get some other advice from friends, acquaintances or specialists. Because the chance of climbing as high as your idols on the career ladder is unfortunately relatively small.

Requirements for the training as well as training content

Classical vocal training is a prerequisite for singers.

First, you should know that a career as a singer is a solid and well-founded one classical singing training necessary is. You can get this at one of the many Music colleges. The Abitur is not absolutely necessary for your career, if you are professionally suitable, you can also start your studies with a secondary school diploma. The universities regularly conduct entrance exams for this purpose. In addition to theoretical questions, you have to present between one to three art or folk songs. If the professors find that your voice is suitable for the course, you can begin. A Vocal studies is divided into a bachelor's and master's degree. In addition to speaking training, movement training and basic acting training, you will acquire this in your basic studies Basic knowledge different singing techniques. During the course of studies, music theory and history, opera history, music genre and music education as well as intermediate examinations are added again and again. For your future career, it is an advantage if you take private piano lessons. So you can support yourself in learning the scores or songs. Incidentally, they play an important part in studying singing small performances at the university or other institutions. In this way, you will learn to deal with stage fright at an early stage. For practical singing lessons, it is advisable to find a suitable singing teacher outside of the university or to take part in master's or summer courses at a later date. The percentage of singing lessons at universities is relatively low, but the proportion of exercises should be as high as possible. You should plan around six years for the basic and postgraduate studies.

After the training

Anyone who has graduated as a singer has to decide whether he or she will get one solo way aspires to or rather in one Professor want to sing. If you want to make it to the top as a soloist in rock or pop, you will of course become a soloist. For this it is necessary that you work as a freelancer. You organize the first smaller orders up to large concerts in sold-out halls yourself or you commission an agency later. If you would like to work in the classical field, you can also start as a soloist. From a small concert in a church to a large opera performance, you can also organize your assignments yourself or later through an agency. Professional or radio choirs are always looking for suitable voices of all vocal genres. However, the competition is very fierce - whoever has made it into one of the professional choirs can look forward to a permanent job until they retire.

Job profiles with similar content

You can also train to become a specialist in jazz.

Many singers make up later than Singing teachers self-employed. Whether at home or in a private or state music school - singing teachers are in demand again today. So if your own path as a singer is rather difficult, there are good career opportunities here. The positions as professor of music, which are rare in Germany, are particularly sought after by many practicing singers. At the beginning it can only be a quarter or half a digit. For this dream job, however, the prospective professors must have above-average professional and practical experience. Another possibility is to develop into a specialist in a rather rare style of singing. These include, for example, jazz, grunge, western music or chancons.


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