Have you ever masturbated for someone

Getting really good: a guide to masturbation

Almost everyone does it - because it is good for you

Almost 80 percent of women do it themselves. No wonder, "just touching oneself is good for us," says sex therapist Bettina Weidinger from the Austrian Institute for Sex Education. And whoever comes along, benefits - in addition to the additional gain in pleasure for the body - from positive effects such as stress reduction and relaxation. Orgasm can even dispel tension-induced headaches.

Get to know your own body

"Masturbation is a great way to get to know your body and find out what you like," explains sex medicine specialist Elia Bragagna from the Academy for Sexual Health. And touch takes place early on: "By exploring the body, a child also gets to know its sexual organs. Babies and toddlers can achieve physical pleasure and subsequent relaxation through targeted muscle tension and movement," explains Weidinger.

Nevertheless: Although it is such a natural reflex, many women only rediscover themselves in adulthood. According to Bragagna, this may be due to the fact that the focus is different in the meantime, for example we concentrate on school, university and job in a performance-oriented manner or at home there is not enough privacy to explore the body in peace. By the way, masturbation is not a must! It doesn't automatically make you more sensual or more open about sex.

How do I satisfy myself?

Do you touch yourself regularly or are you just discovering your body? The following tips have something for everyone:

Thanks to the clitoris to climax

For most women, the fastest and safest way to orgasm is through the clitoris, also known as the clitoris. Only a small part of the clitoris is visible from the outside: This glans, enclosed by the clitoral hood (at the front end of the vulva), is very sensitive and very receptive to stimulation. But for some, direct contact is too intense.

Just try out what you find pleasant: slowly stroke your fingers over your entire vulva and feel which areas feel particularly good or exciting. Caress the vaginal lips and gently move your fingers towards your clitoris. Increase your pressure there a little and start small circles over the clitoris - maybe with the help of some lubricant so that the movements can slide more easily.

Your brain also plays a big role

... because a large part of the excitement takes place in the head or in our imagination. Do you know what turns you on? What thoughts or images cause you to have a wet daydream? For example, you can dream of the hottest experience you've ever had or want to have. Or you can also think of something that you actually never want to experience in reality, but still find very exciting in your imagination. Or you read erotic stories or watch a porno - everything is allowed, which fuels your sexual pleasure in the head even more.

More intense highlights with the G-spot

The so-called G-spot is hidden inside the vagina, which is also supposed to cause very special feelings in many women. To find this, insert a finger into your vagina and bend it so that it brushes the front wall - as if you were enticing someone. The G-spot is about two inches from the entrance to the vagina on the front wall of the vagina and feels a little rougher or more ribbed than the rest of the vagina.

Some women can even "squirt" by stroking this zone with their fingers or a G-spot vibrator, thus triggering female ejaculation.

Do you know the U point?

There is a lot to discover in your vulva: Many women also find the stimulation of their U-point very satisfying. The U stands for "urethra", the Latin term for urethra and does not actually designate a point, but an entire zone, which is also provided with many sensitive nerve endings. This can be found around the entrance of the urethra and below the clitoris.

Support with a vibrator

Many swear by the magic of their own fingers, but many women also want more or a little variety: There is now an impressive range of erotic toys or vibrators on the market. Before you buy, however, you should know: What do you prefer? Stimulation, like during sexual intercourse - then you can use the classic dildo. Or would you prefer stimulation of the clitoris? There are also toys for this. Or even vibrators that combine both pleasures!

It doesn't have to be a vibrator: Long live the shower head

When you designed the removable shower head, you might not have had the happiness of the female population in the back of your mind, but still, very, very many women are very, very grateful for it. Just try to let the warm water jet hit between your legs at different intensity levels and enjoy this tingling feeling.

Do you already know Edging?

If you have already found out which technique best brings you to orgasm, you can intensify it by so-called edging. Translated from English this means "to bring to the edge". This means that you excite yourself until you almost come, but then stop at the last moment and caress another part of your body. After a short "breather" you start your way to the climax again, but stop again shortly before. Stop yourself at least three times - with this technique the arousal and expectation of your body will increase and if you actually allow it, the orgasm will be much stronger.

WOMAN readers speak openly about masturbation:

Masturbation is self-love, devotion, and pure relaxation. And yet: Although we almost all lend a hand ourselves, it is rarely discussed openly. Masturbation is still a taboo subject and is often seen as a measly substitute for sex with someone else. Our nine readers, who spoke very openly with us about their preferences in terms of solo sex, prove that this is not the case:


How do you feel about masturbation? Masturbation is something that you should do for yourself in the first place. On the internet you can find videos of women who do it themselves and put a dildo in their mouth so that men can get excited about it. That makes me sad.
When and how often do you do it? It depends on my cycle. Before the menstruation and around ovulation, I usually feel like it. When I am stressed it affects my libido and I am often too lazy to do so. Masturbation is part of my entire sexuality - even in a relationship, I do it myself every now and then.
Do you talk to girlfriends about masturbation? Yes, we talk about it.


How do you feel about masturbation? I'm very open here. We know: each of us has done it and it feels so good - so why not?
When and how often do you do it? Basically about twice a week - mostly in the evening. Sometimes I have phases when I do it every day.
Why are you doing it I'm single. So unfortunately there is no man with whom I could regularly share the pleasure. So: the woman is herself.
Do you have a favorite technique? Not a special one ... But sometimes the vibrator is used.
Do you talk to girlfriends about masturbation? Yes, with the closest. They also tell me their "dirty" stories.


How do you feel about masturbation? Very open and I don't understand that many people make it a taboo.
When and how often do you do it? I only do it when I'm single and really want to orgasm. However, it can be totally different, from once a month to twice a week.
Why are you doing it Even if I can go through without sex for a while, at some point the longing arises to want to experience a climax.
Do you have a favorite technique? Shower spray and hand are a pleasant combination.
Do you talk to girlfriends about masturbation? Yes, but not as detailed as e.g. about sex with your partner.


How do you feel about masturbation? This is absolutely no problem for me! I am very open to the topic.
When and how often do you do it? Depending on your mood. Usually once a week when my husband is not at home! I retire to my bed for this - that's where I feel most comfortable.
Why are you doing it Because it's something totally enjoyable!
Do you have a favorite technique? Yes, I like to use my vibrator for this. It feels nice and I climax pretty quickly with it.
Do you talk to girlfriends about masturbation? No, that is actually not a topic we are talking about.


How do you feel about masturbation? For me it means the freedom to treat yourself to what you like and to deal with your own body. I can show my husband what I like.
When and how often do you do it? Either when my partner is not there and I feel like it, or quickly in the shower in between. Otherwise it depends on how much stress and time I have. Because with a child and a husband you don't get around that often ...
Do you have a favorite technique? Yes, most of the time I use my vibrators to satisfy myself in bed or in the bathtub with a relaxing bubble bath. I also like just caressing without coming.


How do you feel about masturbation? Masturbation is something completely normal that is simply part of life.
When and how often do you do it? There is no regularity behind it. Sometimes several times a week, sometimes not at all for several weeks - as the mood takes you.
Why are you doing it For pleasure - also because it is a different orgasm than during sex with the partner. Otherwise I do it to relieve stress or just because it's fun.
Do you have a favorite technique? With your finger on the clitoris.
Do you talk to girlfriends about masturbation? Barely. But not because it's a taboo: the subject just isn't too productive.


How do you feel about masturbation? It's the most normal thing in the world. I couldn't imagine my life and my partnership without it anymore. I love my body and like to climax myself.
When and how often do you do it? That depends on whether I'm energized or relaxed. I do it as often as I enjoy it and when I need satisfaction!
Why are you doing it For me it is a stress reliever and I cannot ask my partner to always be ready.
Do you have a favorite technique? I love trying out toys and have tried a lot. But I need support, I just can't do anything with my fingers.


How do you feel about masturbation? I think it's the most natural thing in the world! It's a form of self-love and I like to let my boyfriend watch it too.
When and how often do you do it? When I'm lying in bed and want to relax or just feel like I am. This is the case at least once a week.
Do you have a favorite technique? No, I don't have any. But I have a lot of imagination for that ... I won't tell you that now, everyone has to create it themselves.
Do you talk to girlfriends about masturbation? Sometimes we talk about it, but it rarely happens. We actually talk more about men themselves.


How do you feel about masturbation? It's nice to be able to live out your own lust - and despite being in a relationship, always alone. You simply express that you are at peace with yourself and your body.
When and how often do you do it? Mostly when I need relaxation.
Do you have a favorite technique? I don't need a specific technique for this. I need nice thoughts or an erotic book, candlelight, nice toys, rest and time - then it will always be beautiful!
Do you talk to girlfriends about masturbation? I talk to my best friend about everything - including about it.