What are the job prospects in Dubai

Working in Dubai - jump-start

Would you like to work in Dubai but don't know how or where to start? You're not alone in this! Every week I get emails from young people who would like to work in Dubai, but do not know where to get a visa or how to even find a job in Dubai. But this is not rocket science and of course there is a solution for everything. Since I was recently asked what you can do in Dubai, I would like to start with that.

What can I work in Dubai?

Of course, what you can work in Dubai depends first and foremost on your training and qualifications. Basically, you can say that there are all the jobs in Dubai that exist elsewhere in the world. Apart from, of course, special jobs which, for example, depend on a certain region or the like. But regardless of whether you are a nurse, mechanic or IT specialist, all of this is needed in Dubai. As a European, or especially as a German, you shouldn't just rely on your nationality. In Dubai, too, they look to qualifications and almost more to work experience. So you should have a lot to show. Otherwise you may not be able to enforce the desired claims in terms of salary. However, with the appropriate performance, you can work your way up pretty quickly.

Where can I find a job?

You can now simply buy a plane ticket and fly to Dubai and then look for a job on site. This can be very interesting, but it can also turn into stress. Since you don't know which company is looking for what. And at the end of the day, you will most likely have time pressure. It is best to find out where to look beforehand. You can do this via job portals such as dubizzle.com, headhunter-dubai.com, jobsindubai.com, stepstone.com or bayt.com. But career sites like LinkedIn or maybe Xing can also help here. If you still can't find anything, you can also search for groups on Facebook, where jobs are occasionally offered. Another possibility is the career pages of the various companies. Employees who are willing to go abroad are always sought after.

How do I get to Dubai now?

Once you have found a company, this is the easiest way. Since the company now has to take care of a work visa. It is not possible to get a visa for Dubai on your own, you always need a guarantor, also known as a sponsor. This is how immigration is monitored. So it is hardly possible to find odd jobs. But above all because Asian workers mostly work for a fraction of what European workers would. If you want to work as a freelancer, you need a “Trade License” with which you can also obtain a residence visa. This should also be done relatively quickly, i.e. within 2 weeks. Since the visa regulations can change quickly, you should inform yourself about the current situation from public authorities beforehand, especially if you are traveling to Dubai on your own. The safest way is definitely through a company.

This also has the advantage that it is easier to get to accommodation and transport there, as this is usually provided by the company, depending on the position. But it can also be that extra expenses are paid for it.

The employment contracts correspond to the international standard. Job description, performance and remuneration as well as expenses are regulated in it. As well as notice periods and conditions. Notice periods are usually between one and up to three months. Often a severance payment is also paid, which is only one month's salary for the “normal” jobs. In some contracts there may be a clause stating that the employment relationship will only come about if all approvals have been granted. In this case you should inform yourself well beforehand whether you will get all of them.

Change the AG

You should also be well informed about the possibility of changing employers. So read the employment contract carefully, not that unnecessary obstacles in the form of waiting periods are put in the way in the event of a change. It is not easy anyway because you have to reapply for a visa. For a smooth change you then need a confirmation from your employer that he has no objections, a so-called “letter of no objection” (NOC).

Once you have found a company that can get a visa and have arrived in Dubai, you have to undergo a medical test. The lungs are x-rayed and a blood test is done. The latter mainly to check for HIV. A positive HIV test leads to expulsion from the country.

What do you earn?

Of course, that always depends on the position in question and your own negotiating skills. Basically, one can say that the base salary corresponds to that of western countries. However, there are often surcharges for accommodation and transport, especially for service jobs, if this is not provided anyway. So there is more left in the end.

But you shouldn't be under any illusions about working hours and working conditions. In the service sector in particular, working hours of up to 50 hours per week are normal. A 6-day week may also be possible for hotel and catering jobs. You should also read carefully when you are on vacation. In my case, it was 30 calendar days, not working days. So you have about 4 weeks instead of 6.

If you still live in Sharjah, you have to add the not insignificant travel time to working hours. One hour each way is quickly gone. 2 or 3 are not uncommon either. So there is usually not too much time left from a working week. And overtime can also be added, you should be aware of that! The beach, palm trees and great clubs on the weekend can of course compensate for that ;-).

Rights and obligations

You should be aware that violations of the law, which occur in your free time, can have an impact on the employment contract. The employer can also terminate the contract in the event of a delinquency. In addition, you should also think carefully about other matters whether and how you “mess” with your employer. Since the companies are all in Arab hands or are accountable to them, employees often have bad cards here. Of course, that doesn't mean that you don't have any rights. But labor law is nowhere near as worker-friendly as in most European countries!

But I have to say that even if some things don't sound so rosy, you shouldn't think negatively! I really enjoyed my time in Dubai and think back to it fondly! So take courage!

If you have any questions, feel free to write to me. Otherwise, I would be happy if you recommend my blog to others.