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The position of Armenia between Europe and Asia.

Armenia is a small country east of Europe and is located in the continent of Asia. Its neighbors are Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Iran.

The capital is Yerevan (also called Yerevan). Other big cities in Armenia are Gyumri and Vanadzor. The currency is that (Armenian) Dram.


Armenia is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. For the first time the name is used in 521 BC. mentioned. Over the centuries, Armenia was conquered by many peoples: Persians, Greeks, Romans, the Byzantine Empire and finally the Ottoman Empire.

Since the Ottoman Empire fell into disrepair in 1800, Armenia came increasingly under Russian influence. The eastern part has belonged to the Russian Empire since 1829, the western part remains with the Ottoman Empire. During the First World War, a large part of the Armenian population in the Ottoman Empire was expelled and murdered. It is estimated that there were up to 1.5 million deaths, so that the "genocide of the Armenians" is spoken of. In 1921 it was finally decided between Turkey and the Soviet Union that the western part would remain with Turkey.

In 1936 the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic is formed as part of the Soviet Union. This gained independence in 1991 as the Republic of Armenia. There are disputes with Azerbaijan over territorial disputes. Relations with Turkey have only been slowly improving since 2009.

Landscape and climate

Armenia covers a land area of ​​29,800 km². It is a very pronounced mountainous country.

There are many mountain lakes. The largest is Lake Sevan in the northeast of the country. The Aras River is the largest and longest river in Armenia.

The climate is mostly dry and is also characterized by long, hot summers and normal winters. The sun shines very often in Armenia, which is responsible for the dry climate; Nevertheless, there are also heavy rains, which usually occur in autumn.


The population is around 3 million.

The vast majority (98%) are Armenians; the largest minorities are Russians and Kurds. Accordingly, almost all speak the official language Armenian, the minorities their languages ​​Russian and Kurmanji. Russian is still widely used as a second language.

In 301 Armenia declared Christianity the state religion, making it the oldest Christian country in the world. Even today, Christianity is the largest practiced religion (Armenian Apostolic Christians). There are also Muslims and Russian Orthodox Christians.

The largest university in the country is the "Yerevan State University", which was established in Yerevan in 1919.

Tourist Attractions

Lake Sevan in Gegharkunik, Armenia.

Tourism has become very important to the Armenian economy in the last five years. Lake Sevan is one of the major landmarks and a very popular tourist attraction. You can also visit the numerous monasteries and churches or very old castles.

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