Is Modi better than Osama Bin Laden

The killing of bin Laden: all a lie

Seymour Hersh reports that bin Laden had been a prisoner of Pakistan since 2006 and that the Navy Seals operation had been coordinated with Pakistan

Well-known investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has questioned the US government's account of the killing of Osama bin Laden (Obama used Osama) in a post for the London Review of Books. With the covert action of special forces of the Navy Seals, which were supposed to catch bin Laden in his Pakistani shelter in Abbottabad without prior notice from the Pakistani government, but had to kill him because of attempted resistance and then sank his body in the sea (Bin Laden dead .., strange Information Policy of the White House), US President Obama scored points ahead of the 2011 election. After all, ex-President George W. Bush failed to arrest the alleged mastermind behind the 11/9 attacks.

Hersh claims that bin Laden has been the prisoner of the Pakistani military and ISI intelligence service since 2006. Before that he lived in the mountains. Tribal leaders betrayed after receiving money. They would have used it to influence the Taliban and al-Qaeda in the region, and it would have been a pawn to force the US government into a deal when the opportunity arises. For Hersh, the official narrative is a story that could have been written by Lewis Carrol. Would bin Laden, who was wanted around the world, have hidden in a city near Islamabad of all places in order to direct al-Qaeda from there?

Hersh, who relies on allegedly anonymous intelligence sources and statements by ex-general Asad Durrani, above all doubts that the kill mission was carried out without the knowledge of the Pakistani military and intelligence services. He points to other journalists whose sources claim otherwise. The Americans, Hersh claims, found out that Pakistan was holding bin Laden. But it was not the messengers who revealed the whereabouts of bin Laden, but an intelligence officer who wanted to cash in the 25 million US dollars that were advertised on clues about bin Laden. He also reported that bin Laden was a "cripple", which also makes Hersh doubt whether he could have defended himself at all, as the White House claimed.

They finally got the Pakistani military to agree to the killing mission and let the US helicopters fly in. The guards should be withdrawn as soon as the helicopters approached. The electricity in the city has been switched off. The helicopter did not crash due to fighting, and there was no exchange of fire when entering the facility. A Pakistani secret service agent flew with the Navy Seals. It was known where bin Laden was and he was executed. The Navy Seals were obliged not to tell the truth.

There were problems with the Saudis, who did not want the whereabouts to be made known to the Americans because he was a Saudi citizen and because they did not want him to report on the Saudi connections with al-Qaeda during interrogations. The White House hesitated for a long time because it was unsure whether the resident of the house was actually bin Laden until a doctor who pocketed part of the reward provided a DNA sample. At first they wanted to present the version that bin Laden had been killed by a drone attack, but the White House did not adhere to it because the story of the covert mission in which bin Laden was killed was politically better.

Hersh's résumé: "Lying from the top remains the modus operandi of US policy, along with secret prisons, night operations by special forces, overriding the chain of command and excluding those who might say no." (Florian Rötzer)

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