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The best board games 2021: these are the top 10!

Table of Contents

  1. MicroMacro
  2. Rustling leaves
  3. The White shark
  4. Sebastian Fitzek Safehouse
  5. Pictures
  6. The crew
  7. The cartographer
  8. Kitchen Rush
  9. Nova Luna
  10. Point salad

1. MicroMacro - Crime City

The game idea of MicroMacro - Crime City (Pegasus Games) is unique: on one Hidden object the players determine together in 16 cases and try to To find out about criminals. The huge, detailed game plan shows the city with its buildings, parks and countless people bustling around in an oblique view. In each case, the players must have a number of Answer question cardsto move forward one step at a time. On the back of the card there are notes that confirm your suspicions or help if you are stuck in a dead end.

The real highlight of the game is that "2D plus time" display on the game board: You watch places and people involved different times. If the players find a corpse, there is probably a location nearby that represents a point in time before the murder. Here the victim is still alive and gives hints to other people through their actions or their contacts so that you can solve the case. Great fun!

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2. rustling of leaves

Rustling leaves (Cosmos) is a Roll and write game in the best sense. In four Seasons (there are 50 cards in the box for each) the players collect trees, bees, butterflies, birds and daisies, for example, which score points at the end of the game. And it works like this: After a player has outlined an area with the felt-tip pen after throwing the dice, he or she has to select exactly one type and all of them Check boxes with this type. The rest of them expire. Because each type has different point conditions, it is always important to weigh up what is most useful at the moment.

Inevitably, many opportunities remain unused and each player concentrates on certain options. Don't be fooled by the topic of bees and flowers: the rustling of leaves is far less contemplative than it seems. In this Roll and Write everyone has it with a standing inner conflict to the Alternative costs to do.

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3. The great white shark

Atmospheric Board game implementation of Cinema classic: At the game The White shark the players slip into the roles of the film. Two to four players can choose between the shark hunters Brody, Hooper and Quint and of course the great white shark itself choose. The first act takes place on the beaches of Amity Island. The job of the great white shark: to eat as many bathers as possible. The other players have to prevent that of course. It is important to coordinate their tasks and moves in order to To save lives and track down the shark.

The second act is out to sea: Brody, Hooper and Quint are on the Boat orca and are attacked by the shark there. You have to get yourself to safety and at the same time try to to kill the great white shark. Good thematic implementation of the thriller with loving details and film quotes on the game material - and with a shark that strikes suddenly and in different places. In the cooperative strategy game The Jaws (Ravensburger) is the Cooperation between the players vital!

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4. Sebastian Fitzek Safehouse - The dice game

Cooperative Roll and write game from the Moses-Verlag: In Sebastian Fitzek Safehouse - The dice game (Moses.) the players flee from you virtual opponent. Only if they coordinate and have a bit of luck with the dice will everyone make it to the shelter on time. Each player receives a own dice sheet, on which the route (40 fields) to the saving goal is marked - and eight tasks that can be fulfilled by rolling dice and ticking. Ten colored or white dice are ready, they show the digits from one to five and a person as a symbol on the sixth side of the dice.

As the players (each for themselves) fulfill tasks on the dice sheet, they advance on the game board. Hopefully faster than the chaser, because as soon as he / she catches up with a player, the game is lost. Hard to believe, but game author Marco Teubner has created an abstract dice game from a very thematic template by the novelist Fitzek, which nonetheless has the Chase atmosphere generated.

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5. Pictures

Pictures (PD Verlag AG) is called that "Game of the year 2020" and is a creative one Material construction game for up to five players. Each player receives different components, including Shoelaces, wooden blocks, stones, colored mini cubes. 16 photo cards are on display and everyone has to recreate one with their own materials. Then the others guess which of the 16 pictures was shown. The tasks are challenging, because how do you want to recreate an angular church with curvy shoelaces?

After building, guess the other works - and that's just as entertaining. Thinking about the details that other players have reproduced from their picture is a lot of fun with a lot of interaction between the other players. There are points for every correct tip. At the end of each round, everyone passes on their materials clockwise until everyone has tried all the variants. In the end, it is usually not the winner with the most points that is in the foreground, but the fun of the game. You could say a perfect party game for fun game evenings.

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6. The crew

This cooperative trickery game for up to five people plays in the space. Each player has their own hand cards. The 50 different missions in "The crew - travels together to the 9th planet" (Kosmos) can only be considered by good strategists Teamwork be accomplished. Communication between fellow players is essential here - but it turns out to be difficult because it doesn't work perfectly in space. That's because you have information not allowed to talkthat you only know because you know your own cards.

Each crew member in turn plays a card. The cards form the trick. The highest card wins. You must never communicate during the trick. A player is the commander who takes on additional tasks. The Missiles are the trump card. The missions that everyone has to solve together get trickier from time to time. A wealth of ideas is required. Thomas Sings game became the "Kennerspiel des Jahres 2020" chosen because hardly any other game has brought the special charm of trick-taking games to the point in such a great way.

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7. The cartographer

Located in a unreal world, the players for Queen Gimnax should die Map the landscape. For this, each player receives a sheet of paper from the pad with a map on which mountains are already drawn. Now everyone draws on their own sheet of paper. Therefore there is four Seasonsthat are on the table as cards with different assignments, for which there are two points each depending on whether spring, summer, autumn or winter. For example, for every forest that borders a mountain range, there are three points in autumn.

The exploration maps usually show two alternatives that can be drawn. In this way it is possible to develop a strategy for the last evaluation in winter, even if it is currently still spring. They bring the greatest joy (and also the greatest sorrow) Monster Cards: Then each player passes his / her card clockwise to another player, who then draws monsters in his / her landscape, which bring minus points if they are not rebuilt in the course of the game. This strategic Flip & Write game has great complexity, which is why Der Kartograph (Pegasus Spiele) was rightly one of the three nominees for the Kennerspiel des Jahres 2020.

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8. Kitchen rush

That year came the New edition of the board game Kitchen Rush (Pegasus Spiele) and as the title suggests: It gets hectic in the kitchen. Anyone who knows and likes the video game "Overcooked" will love Kitchen Rush. As fast-paced, cooperative real-time game try to manage a restaurant together: bring guests to the table, take orders, chop and cook food, buy groceries, but also entertain the guests and wash the dishes - these are tasks that have to be completed in five minutes.

The Running hourglasses. Because every player has two, and you can only start a new action when your 30 seconds have expired. There is a call to each other Division of labor necessary. This sweaty and original game demands good nerves and in the end you feel like you know exactly how it has to be to manage your own restaurant.

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9. Nova Luna

At Nova Luna (Pegasus Games) is all about that moon: There is a new moon field in the middle of the table, in which a moon and eleven tiles are openly laid out on them Lay tasksthat you have to meet. It is always the turn of the player who is at the very back of the moon track and may take one of the first three tiles after the new moon. The number on the tile you have taken indicates the steps to be taken on the track.

High numbers mean that you have to run a long way ahead and wait longer until it's your turn again. The tile also shows up to three laying orders, which are marked in individual circles with colored dots and should be redeemed. If you have completed 21 tasks and covered them with small round discs of your color, you win the game. Nova Luna by Uwe Rosenberg and Corné van Moorsel is an abstract placement game with a good one strategic component.

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10. Point salad

This American Veggie drafting card game fits the zeitgeist: vegetables are “in”. In Point salad provide two to six players delicious salad together and collect points for it. Before the game, two times three lettuce cards are placed in the middle of the table, on top of which comes a row of three with point cards: Each of the 108 cards has two sides: a salad and a point side. This market is always replenished.

Now each player in turn draws either two Salad cards or one Points card: It shows how many plus or minus points for which vegetables and in which combination. Since every point card is different, there is also over 100 possibilitiesTo score points, which brings a lot of variety into the game. With a clever collecting mode, everyone clocks for themselves, with everyone laying out their cards face up on the table. So you can snatch a vegetable away from a teammate that he / she urgently needs. Salad of points (Pegasus games) is that ideal introduction to every game night.

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