Are people fed up with boring television programs

Multitasking in front of the telly: In television, television is becoming less and less important

Chatting during “GNTM” or a phone call during an episode “Jungle Camp”: According to a new study, more and more people prefer to watch TV on their smartphone or tablet rather than on the flickering box.// by Jürgen Kroder

Times have changed

8 p.m. The whole family gathers in front of the television. The father turns one head and the news starts. Then you switch to "Wetten Dass ..?". Everyone looks spellbound into the telly, reaches into their chips, but is otherwise silent. This is how a typical Saturday evening used to go. Do you still remember it? It's been a long time ...

Nowadays you watch TV differently. If you turn on the flat-screen TV at all and don't prefer to have fun on YouTube, then zapping is going wild (because you now have 500 channels to choose from or the commercial breaks are annoying). Or you sit in front of the device and have fun with other things. The buzzword here is: Second Screen.

Distraction instead of concentration

As a recent study by the service company Deloitte has shown, television is now becoming less and less important in television. A survey of nearly 2,100 Americans found that smartphones, tablets and computers are the biggest distraction when watching TV.

In the first place of the secondary occupations is surfing the web, which 32 percent of the respondents pursue. This is followed by reading e-mails and writing messages (28 percent each), using social networks (26 percent), and many other things such as making calls, writing e-mails or playing games.

In the last place of the activities that one does while watching TV is “Nothing else - just watch TV” with a meager 10 percent. For comparison: In 2012, 19 percent of those surveyed said that they would only focus on that when watching TV.

Deloitte also analyzed the behavior according to different target groups. According to the evaluation, only people over 68 years of age have an "activity" while the cigarette box is switched on. For 49 to 67 year olds there are two “activities”, for all other three.

"Mobile killed the TV star"

For a few years now, classic television programs have been predicted to be doomed, because online services such as Youtube and Vimeo and streaming services such as Netflix, Maxdome & Co. are geared towards the non-linear viewing behavior that consumers want today.

Another opponent is the second screen. The television program now seems so boring and uninteresting that many people only let it run as a sprinkling in the background, while people prefer to do completely different things on smartphones, tablets or notebooks.

A behavior that I can understand very well. There are only a few programs left that I watch consciously (for example the news), everything else is only for casual entertainment. Instead of turning on the radio or my stereo system as before, the telly is now on.

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Yes, if I could sing, I would sing: "Mobile killed the TV star".

How is it with you: How many things do you do while the TV is on?

Images: Karl-Heinz Laube /, Deloitte