What qualifies as a talent

Talent Management: Highly qualified employees for your company

Find talent

Identifying talent is about to find high quality workers internally as well as externally. In the internal area, this works, for example, through talent review meetings, at which superiors assess the potential of their employees.

External identification is largely carried out via active sourcing. Recruiters actively try to find new talent for the company using different platforms and methods. This also includes targeted employer branding - because one positive employer brand makes talents aware of the company and increases its attractiveness.

Promote talent

Once the talents have been found, targeted support measures are used to ensure that they are for a successful filling of the critical functionscan be used. This is done through:

  • Training offers
  • Assignments abroad
  • challenging tasks
  • advanced, part-time studies
  • continuous feedback

If this happens in consultation, in the interests of and in harmony with the personal goals of the talent, this creates an incentive for the person stays with the company for the long term.

Retaining talent

The retention of talents is done through employee retention measures. The goal is that Employee needs and wishes to recognize, to work for it and to keep the talents in the company for the long term. You can take measures in different areas:

  • Well-equipped workplace
  • Constructive and fair feedback discussions
  • Respectful interaction within the company
  • Varied and responsible tasks
  • Opportunities for health and retirement provision
  • Flexible working hours
  • Training opportunities
  • Food subsidies