In Frozen, what's the name of Elsa


"Frozen" is the title of a Disney animation film from 2013. The film, which is called "The Ice Queen - Totally Unabashed" in German, is roughly based on the fairy tale "The Snow Queen".

About the plot of the film:

Anna and Elsa are siblings and the daughters of the royal couple from Arendelle. Although they have the same parents, there is a huge difference between the sisters, because while one is a perfectly normal little girl, Elsa's hands are the ability to conjure up ice and snow. When one day while playing with her sister she accidentally hits Anna's head with her ability and injures her, the parents decide to hide Elsa's powers and isolate the girl in the castle. No more guests are allowed to come, the staff is being downsized and even the siblings are no longer allowed to see each other. That goes well until the king and queen go missing on a sea voyage and it should be Elsa's job as the older sister to take over the throne when she is old enough for it. 3 years later, Elsa's coronation ceremony is due, on the occasion of which a large reception will be held in the ballroom of the castle for the first time in years. Guests from all over the world have been invited, including the grumpy Duke von Pitzbühl, with whom Arendelle has had trade relations for decades. At this reception Anna meets a young nobleman named Hans and she falls head over heels in love with him. When she tells her sister that she wants to marry Hans after just one evening, the sisters fight, in which Elsa loses control of her abilities and sprinkles ice and snow so that all guests notice. Those present panic and want to catch the young woman and lock her up. But she manages to escape and she retreats into the mountains, where she finally no longer has to hide her strength. Little did she suspect, however, that her previous emotional outburst caused the ice to spread and freeze all of Arendelle. Anna wants to follow her sister and get her to lift the ice curse again. On the way she meets the ice cream dealer Kristoff and his tame reindeer Sven. Since she cannot do it on her own to follow Elsa's trail into the mountains, she asks the two of them for help. Kristoff agrees to join Anna's search, as he and Sven take a liking to the young woman. However, the two do not know exactly what they are getting into - they only know that it should be about saving the country. Meanwhile, in Anna's absence, Hans is supposed to direct the fate of the kingdom. However, he pursues his own plans and sets out together with the Duke of Pitzbühl and his entourage to capture the ice queen and break the curse. The small group is fine with every means to end Elsa's ice spell and they are not afraid to use force to save Arendelle from the eternal ice.

About the main characters of "Frozen":

In the foreground of “Frozen” are the siblings Anna and Elsa, who couldn't be more different. While the youngsters tend to be open-minded and always seem happy and curious and not shy away from getting their hands dirty, their big sister has a rather cool character because of her strength. She hides her feelings, shuns contact with people and prefers to be alone, as she always has to fear that she might hurt someone through the ice. The only one she likes to be around is the talking snowman Olaf, whom she was able to bring to life thanks to her powers. Olaf is also very curious and cheerful and dreams of experiencing summer one day. Anna's companion on the arduous path through the mountains, on the other hand, is the ice trader Kristoff with his reindeer Sven. Kristoff and Sven have been together since childhood and go through thick and thin. It even goes so far that Kristoff talks to his reindeer and imagines that Sven would answer him. Kristoff is the complete opposite of Anna's great love, Hans. The young aristocrat comes from a friendly kingdom and is gentle and cosmopolitan. He thinks that it has to do with the fact that he is the youngest of 13 sons. That's why Hans quickly lets himself be influenced by the old, grouchy Duke of Pitzbühl. The old man is very skeptical of Arendelle and his new queen and, after Ela's loss of control, is the first to call for the woman with the unnatural abilities to be captured and locked away. He hopes to be able to reverse the curse so that he can leave Arendelle as soon as possible and return to his own kingdom. Although he is not necessarily malicious, the Duke in "Frozen" still plays the role of the classic villain.

Merchandise and toys for "Frozen":

Many products have appeared around the film. Among other things, there is a music CD with all the songs that were sung in the film. In addition to the German-language songs, the title song "Let Go" by Demi Lovato as well as many instrumental pieces can be found on the CD. The cuddly Olaf is also available and very popular with children. This is a plush figure of the sociable snowman who can also talk. When you press it, he calls out his favorite phrase: “I love hugs!” A matching “Frozen” skill game for 2 to 4 players has also been released in which the little snowman is standing on a barrel. The players then have to take turns sticking small ice cream sticks into slots in the barrel. Most of these slots do nothing, but if you put the ice cream stick in a specific slot (which changes with each new game) the poor snowman will be thrown high into the air and the game is over. A number of different dolls have also been made for girls, wearing Anna and Ela's looks, which can be used to re-enact your own adventures. To match the carnival or the Mardi Gras parade, there is also Elsa's ice dress from the film in ice blue with a transparent veil to buy so that you can feel like a little ice princess at home.