What is workforce planning

Personnel planning

1. Term: Personnel planning is the mental anticipation of future personnel measures. Personnel planning should ensure that in the short, medium and long term the employees required in the company are available in the required quality and quantity at the right time, in the right place and taking into account corporate policy goals. Personnel planning is a sub-task of personnel management and part of corporate planning.

2. Sub-areas: Personnel planning takes place in several process stages:
(1) Determination of personnel requirements;
(2) recruiting planning;
(3) planning of personnel development;
(4) planning of personnel deployment;
(5) Planning the layoffs.

3. Requirements: Meaningful personnel planning requires that comprehensive information about the positions, people, internal and external factors flow into the planning. This requires a well-developed personal information system that takes data protection into account.

4. Labor law regulations: According to § 92 BetrVG, the works council is to be informed and involved in an advisory capacity with regard to personnel planning. According to the purpose of the regulation, the concept of personnel planning includes above all the current and future personnel requirements in quantitative and qualitative terms, also those resulting from the personnel requirements personnel measures. The instruction must be comprehensive if planning is already available. The planning stage is reached when the considerations about personnel requirements and personnel coverage have progressed to the point where they can be viewed as guidelines according to which the employer intends to proceed in the company's personnel policy in the future.

According to § 92 II BetrVG, the works council can make suggestions to the employer for their introduction and implementation if there is no personnel planning yet. The employer is not obliged to follow the suggestions.