Has Bob Dylan ever married

Bob Dylan: Master of all classes

Anyone who has ever had a guitar in their hand since the 60s is guaranteed to have played the simple chords of "Blowin" in the Wind "and smacked" How many roads. "Nothing easier than that, and yet it is this simple one Song that made Bob Dylan a world star: appeared in 1963 on his second album "The Freewheelin" Bob Dylan ". Every now and then he can be heard at peace demonstrations and today it is guaranteed on countless radio channels worldwide, because Bob Dylan, whose real name is Robert Allen Zimmermann, is 75 years old today.

Cover songs

The list of artists who have covered Dylan songs is eternally long: there are hundreds, including Marlene Dietrich, of all things with "Blowin" in the Wind. "That the slender hillbilly from Minnesota, born in Duluth, grew up in Hibbing, one of the many folkies who sing up and down the American Songbook with his traditional folk songs is one of the many folkies who will become the most important songwriter in the United States.

Even with the first album from 1962, which he only calls "Bob Dylan", he does not stand out from the crowd. It is the self-written songs on the second album such as "Masters of War" or "A Hard Rain" s A-Gonna Fall "that make you sit up and take notice. A new voice of protest has risen, and the next six months later The critically acclaimed long-playing record follows: "The Times They Are a-Changin" ".

Bob Dylan, his voice, his guitar and his harmonica: The nasal bard masters none of these to perfection, but it is precisely this perfect mixture of imperfections that becomes his trademark and recipe for success in the first few years. There are also lyrics that go far beyond the classic protest song. This is poetry that has never existed in the American music scene before.

And Dylan changes during that time, as Suze Rotolo writes in her 2010 autobiography. She is his first big love in New York and also featured on the "Freewheelin" cover. They have been together for almost three years, but with success, Dylan becomes increasingly self-centered and the relationship breaks up.

Joan Baez

In the summer of 1963, Dylan went on tour for the first time - as a guest of Joan Baez, who was already a star at the time. A short love affair develops between the two of them. Another relationship ended abruptly in 1965: the one with the purists among folk fans, because Dylan went electric. His performance at the Newport Folk Festival with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Dylan plays electric guitar - is booed. The path to becoming a rock musician has been taken. With "Highway 61 Revisited" (1965) and "Blonde on Blonde" (1966) two rock albums are released that are still considered milestones today. The song "Like a Rolling Stone" was even named the best song of all time by "Rolling Stone" magazine in 2004.

966 Dylan had a motorcycle accident. For two years he withdraws completely with Sara, whom he married in 1965, and their children. The family moves to the countryside in Bearsville near New York.

The early 1970s were characterized by a crisis, both artistically and privately. Only with "Blood on the Tracks" did he present another top-class album in 1975, followed in 1976 by "Desire", an enormous commercial success. When Dylan converted from the Jewish to the Christian faith in 1978, joined the revival movement and preached during his concerts, the fans were once again verbally beaten, especially since his next three albums sound as if they were written for the service.

Endless tour

Even in the 80s and 90s, Dylan did not produce very much artistically. If not much is going on in the studio, then at least live, he must have said to himself, because in 1988 he embarked on a tour that has not yet ended and is now referred to as the "never ending tour": every year he gives around 100 concerts worldwide.

His late work begins in 1997 with the record "Time Out of Mind", with which he ushers in his personal era of confident and casual music-making. And it doesn't necessarily have to be self-composed: on "Shadows in the Night" (2015) he covers Frank Sinatra songs and on "Fallen Angels" (2016) twelve American classics. The fan base is still waiting for one last great masterpiece.