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Light at the end of the Corona tunnel - German gastronomy is preparing for the "restart"

News 2 minutes 20 May 2021

The positive trend in the fight against the corona pandemic continues and with it the anticipation of restaurateurs and guests for the imminent reopening of the restaurants is growing.

MICHELIN Guide Germany 2021 COVID-19 Restart


Anticipation is in the air - the restaurateurs are in the starting blocks

They are following the progressive easing of the federal emergency brake with excitement, waiting for the redeeming “go” for the gastronomy in their district, putting all their dedication into the preparations including conscientious compliance with all corona-compliant safety measures. The restaurateurs in Germany scratch their hooves, their thirst for action is immeasurable. The countdown is running. The falling incidence values ​​give hope. Hope to reopen their restaurants soon. The anticipation of the return of their gastronomy-hungry guests, who long for the end of the privation-rich pandemic as much as they do themselves, and who should fill the orphaned restaurant rooms with life again, is huge.

Even if the development is positive, the incidence values ​​have been falling for weeks and the pandemic seems to be under control, the months-long restaurant closure has left its mark and the return to normal working life will only take place gradually. Nevertheless, there is overwhelming confidence among restaurateurs in the country. There is great hope that everything will turn out for the better, great is the desire to be able to return to the role of host with passion.

King crab, beetroot, apple, rape blossom @ Söl'ring Hof, Sylt

Model regions are leading the way: Schleswig-Holstein can again receive guests

Is tourism possible despite Corona? This question is currently the focus of the media. Various regions with low incidence values ​​were chosen as model regions to test the extent to which restaurants and hotels can be opened despite the pandemic. One of the model regions is Sylt. This means that the “Söl’ring Hof” hotel in Rantum with the 2-star restaurant of the same name is also allowed to participate in this project and is one of the first companies in Germany to welcome guests again.

Good news for the team, but opening it almost overnight is also a real challenge, there is no question about that for head chef Jan-Philipp Berner: "Early training for employees, quick creation of new menus, preparing the house for everything that is going on Conditions was imposed ”, a tight program! And the emotions? “Mixed feelings,” says Jan-Philipp Berner. “When you start, then 100%, with the entire team and full of zest for action! The bottom line is that it definitely means a lot of fun for the guests, the team, the whole hotel and the region. It is also clear that the guests want to go on vacation and do not want to feel like “test rabbits”. Nevertheless, everyone reacts extremely understandingly and many seem to be aware that eating out is not a matter of course at such times. The reopening is balm for the soul - you only notice what you have when it is taken from you. "

What will the new “normal” look like?

The upcoming long-awaited reopening in gastronomy is not simply bringing back a piece of the earlier "normality" for restaurant operators and guests. All the unexpected challenges of the past crisis-ridden months demanded courage and flexibility from the restaurateurs and challenged their innovative spirit. Numerous restaurants stayed afloat with “takeaway” offers during the lockdown, which many will probably keep for the time being. We are now looking forward to more new ideas.

The restaurant business is slowly picking up speed again, but at the moment often only the outdoor catering can open, the incidences often do not allow more. But the terraces alone are also very popular - who doesn't like to dine outdoors when the weather is nice?

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A start has been made ...

The third wave of the pandemic appears to have broken and the mood in the country is becoming more optimistic. The restaurateurs are excited about the reopening of their restaurants. Their aim is to make their guests enjoy eating out with good cuisine, hospitality and a nice atmosphere! At this point, a call to you, dear guests: stay true to your favorite restaurants - they are counting on you!

The MICHELIN Guide team wishes all restaurateurs every success on their way out of the crisis - see you again soon!

Rhubarb, buttermilk, lemon thyme @ Söl'ring Hof, Sylt
Illustrations © Ydo Sol
Written by Le MICHELIN Guide


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