Were cats used in black magic

Magic formulas and witches' spells have been used for many thousands of years to keep evil in check and to help the good to succeed.

They have been handed down from Egyptian paprus as well as from other ancient scriptures.

Old magic formulas do not yet contain any references to the cat, because the cat was hardly known at the time these formulas were created. It was not until later centuries that the cat was adapted into some witchcraft. For example, the saying "abracadabra" has been expanded with the addition "three times black cat".


"Abracadabra ter nigri felis": AbraCadabra, three black cats

The magic formula "abracadabra"was mentioned as early as the 2nd to 4th century by Quintus Serenus and used as a shrinking charm against fever and malaria.

At that time, however, the cat did not appear in this saying.

SATOR square

"sator arepo tenet opera rotas"

The magic formula of the magic square is at least 2000 years old and reads forwards and backwards, as well as the same result as read horizontally or vertically.

"The sower (sator) Arepo (name of the sower?) Holds (tenet) the wheels (rotas) with difficulty (opera)."

If you read the formula line by line, from left to right and the following line from right to left, you get, if you double the middle line:

"sator opera tenet, tenet opera sator"

"The sower keeps the works, the sower keeps the works."

Noun meum ...

Noun meum tibi in aeternum in praesentia sit. Cor mens tibi in aeternum carum sit.

My name will be in his presence forever. Heart and mind will be remembered forever.

Magic formulas with cat

With the spread of the cat, it was gradually included in magic formulas. Incidentally, many of these formulas are in rhyme form. The effect of the spells often depends on the correct application in the context of magical rituals.

Here are a few examples:

  • The cat gives you its power, so take good care of it.
  • Whether day or night, you have the power, oh hurry cat, hurry over and help me with the magic.
  • Cats, cats come over; Illness and suffering pass.
  • The cat will condemn, the good will attain the world.
  • If cats scratch their heads, you will be freed from the head.
  • 6-6-6 the cat screams, the man's bald head is gone.
  • Toad fart and cat filth, mix both for the purpose of bringing happiness and joy, EVERYONE in small things.
  • Cat animals climb, jump; protect you from bad things.
  • Cat's eye, owl cry, what has disappeared come over!
  • Stork egg and cat filth, whatever was here is now gone!
  • Magic wand and cat courage, magic spirits, help well now!


But even simple letter sequences are said to have magical properties. The made-up word AGLA stands for the Hebrew: "Athe gibor Le-Olaham Adonai", thus something like "You are almighty forever, O Lord."

AGLA is a tetragram that circumscribes the name of God and can ward off damage. The letters are therefore common inscriptions on amulets and magic circles.

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