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Use the full potential of the e-commerce ecosystem with Lengow's “App Store” # 1

With the ever-changing consumer behavior, online retailers must constantly evolve and expand the use of e-commerce tools in order to meet the growing multichannel demand. The solutions used should be interlinked if online retailers want to optimize the management of their e-commerce activities. With this in mind, Lengow has launched an “App Store” on its e-commerce platform. Lengow provides answers to current and future challenges in online trading.

[This article is the first in a series of publications. We will be adding new Lengow partners to you every month Introduce the “App Store”.]

Centralized e-commerce tools

For online retailers, the store can be accessed directly via our platform. With the practical tools, retailers can expand their e-commerce activities - and all of this via a central platform. Thanks to our partnerships with important platforms and tools in the e-commerce industry, you can now Connect your product catalogs with your e-commerce apps directly in the Lengow platform. The tools you use every day can be accessed and managed from within a single platform. Choose the tool that best suits your products!

A wide range of e-commerce apps

40 apps from the following categories are already in the Lengow platform:

  • Advertising Technologies
  • Reviews & UGC
  • Email Marketing
  • Brand Marketing
  • Social marketing
  • Performance Marketing
  • Price monitoring
  • Real-time personalization
  • Product Recommendations
  • Translations
  • Web-To-Store

Today we turn to the categoryAdvertising Technologies. We have some very innovative and dynamic advertising start-ups such as TheMotionandBanner flow integrated into our platform. You do not need any prior technical knowledge to create attractive ads for your product catalogs. With these solutions you can easily create an impressive format to present your products.

Advertising Technologies Solutions

Banner flow

Whether banners, landing pages or videos - with Bannerflow you can create and publish the image material for your campaigns within a few minutes. Everything that is created within the Banner Builder is automatically in HTML5, which means that you do not need any previous coding knowledge to use Bannerflow. The solution also enables you to optimize your campaigns for different end devices (smartphone, desktop, etc.), adjust image sizes and change the message you want to publish. You can also plan, analyze and optimize your campaigns in real time.


The specialist for video ads. The TheMotion platform Turns your entire product catalog into one-click video ads. Reach more potential customers during the shopping-purchase process. TheMotion takes care of your individual formatting and adjustments - all you have to do is update your product catalog regularly.

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