What is the definition of terrorism

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To spread horror

The word "terror" comes from Latin and means "horror". So terrorists are people who spread horror. They carry out attacks that often kill many people. In doing so, they want to show that they are powerful and can get their way. Most of the time, terrorists claim that they are acting for political or religious reasons. They then say that their goals justify other people dying for it.

Suicide bombings

Some terrorists carry out suicide bombings. The terrorists use their own lives to achieve their goals. Often other groups or people confess to the act of violence after a suicide bombing. They claim that the assassin committed the attack on their behalf or in consultation with them.
Suicide bombings were also the attacks of September 11, 2001 in New York. Terrorists piloted planes into two of the tallest skyscrapers in the city that day. Thousands of people lost their lives.

Fight for independence

In some countries, for example in the Middle East or in some South American and Southeast Asian countries, terrorists refer to themselves as "resistance fighters" or "freedom fighters". Sometimes they want to fight for the independence of a part of the country. Almost any means is suitable for them.

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