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A-1: Headline (2004)* * ½ Poorly told, but well-acted Hong Kong crime thriller without great ambitions.
Aa Ab Laut Chalen (1999)* * ½ Three-hour love film / drama / musical with ex-Miss World Aishwarya Rai, lots of love and just as much pathos.
Aabra Ka Daabra (2004)* ½ Weak 3-D orgy from India that shamelessly steals from "Harry Potter".
Aachi & Ssipak (2006)* * * Snotty, brutal cartoon from Korea.
Aa Dekhen Zara (2009)* * The Bollywood thriller starts out solidly, but quickly dies out.
Aadmi (1968)* * * Top cast Bollywood tragedy, a bit long and fatalistic, but rewarding.
Aadmi Aur Insaan (1969)* * * Bollywood drama, initially in an attractive sixties look, later mutating into a passable thriller.
Aag (1948)* * * ½ Raj Kapoor's directorial debut is a bit theatrical, but already shows his great talent.
Aa Gale Lag Jaa (1973)* * * ½ Very entertaining Bollywood love drama with Shashi Kapoor and Sharmila Tagore.
Aagey Se Right (2009)* Half a parody, half a joke, but never something that works.
Aah (1953)* * * Sympathetic Bollywood love drama with Raj Kapoor and Nargis that subsides somewhat in the second half.
Aaja Nachle (2007)* * ½ Madhuri Dixit's comeback film flopped at the box office, but thanks to the sympathetic design it is still half successful.
Aakhri Adaalat (1988)* * Flabby Bollywood vigilante justice strip borrowed from "The Star Chamber".
Aakrosh (2010)* * * Stolen, but gripping thriller drama.
Aamdani Atthani Kharcha Rupaiya (2001)* * ½ Socially committed tragic comedy that becomes all too repetitive in the long run.
Aamir (2008)* * * Bollywood's answer to the Filipino "Cavite": entertaining, moving and impressively staged.
Aamne-Saamne (1967)* * * Towards the end quite exciting, at the beginning primarily entertaining Bollywood love thriller with Shashi and Sharmila.
Aan (1952)* * * ½ Opulent Bollywood spectacle with amusement guaranteed and then falling into a color coma.
Aandhi (1975)* * * Well played and solidly staged Bollywood drama, loosely inspired by Indira Ghandi. Unfortunately a bit chatty.
Aandhiyan (1952)* * * Surprisingly short and largely entertaining, albeit simple Bollywood drama.
Aankhen (1993)* ½ Goofy Govinda action clothes that were a hit in India but are terribly boring.
Aankhen (2002)* * * A bit long, as is so often the case with Indian films - but the thriller entertains with humor, good staging, attractive cast and a number of improbabilities.
Aan: Men at Work (2004)* * Stereotypical cop film from Bollywood. Nicely done, but also quite reactionary at times.
Aan Milo Sajna (1970)* * * Somewhat long and towards the end quite absurd Bollywood romance with a cute look and confident stars.
Aao Wish Karein (2009)* * ½ Useful, but not particularly imaginative, Bollywood remake of "Big".
Aap Kaa Surroor (2007)* * 08/15 story with a good soundtrack, but a terrible leading actor.
Aap Ki Khatir (2006)* * ½ Mediocre Bollywood remake of "The Wedding Date". With Priyanka Chopra and Akshaye Khanna.
Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage (2002)* * Long and somewhat too brutal love epic from Bollywood. With Hrithik Roshan and Amisha Patel.
Aarakshan (2011)* * ½ Long drama that badly sells its well-intentioned cause.
Aar couple (1954)* * * ½ An entertaining Bollywood classic by and with Guru Dutt.
Aarzoo (1999)* * ½ Predictable, weakly ended, but quite entertaining Bollywood love triangle around Madhuri Dixit.
Aatma (2006) * * ½ Solid death drama.
Aashik Aawara (1993)* * Dröger late masala with Saif Ali Khan in one of his first roles.
Aashiq (2001)* * 08/15 love film from Bollywood with moderate action and simply shitty humor.
Aashiq Banaya Aapna (2005)* * 08/15 love thriller with a crisp narrative pace, but lots of déjà-vus.
Aashiqui 2 (2013)* * ½ Successful, but rather dull Bollywood production that has little to do with its predecessor from 1990.
Aasma: Sky Is the Limit (2009)* * Well-intentioned, but poorly implemented drama.
Aata (2007)* * * Entertaining, if not very innovative, Telugu love film with Siddharth.
Aatish (1994)* * Stale and predictable Bollywood action film starring Sanjay Dutt, Karishma Kapoor, and Raveena Tandon.
Aatma (2006) * ½ plump Bollywood ghost horror of the Ramsay clan.
Aayitha Ezhuthu (2004)* * * Mani Ratnam's Tamil version of his Hindi flick "Yuva". About as good as its counterpart - i.e. not really ingenious.
Abattoir (2016) * * Many critics rated the horror film positively because it was looking for a new approach to the sucked-out ghost genre. But this time too, I can't do much with the work of director Darren Lynn Bousman - from the annoying chattering characters to the absurd premise to the visually overused ghost train finale. After all, the gloomy atmosphere is sometimes quite appealing.
From ... Bas! (2004)* * Long and very sexy teased Bollywood remake of "Enough". Not really worse or better than the original.
ABCs of Death, The (2013) * * ½The episode film censored in Germany suffers from the usual problems of an anthology: no dramaturgy and some episodes good, some not. The idea of ​​assigning a $ 5,000 budget to each letter is interesting, and ranges from cheap stuff like M (Ti West) to the expensive-looking V (Kaare Andrews). My favorites are the incoming D (Marcel Sarmiento), the frivolous Furry H (Thomas Cappelen Malling), the fun-splatter J (Yudai Yamaguchi), the amusing N (Banjong Pisanthanakun), the disturbing P (Simon Rumley), the stop -Motion-Spass T (Lee Hardcastle) and two shock episodes X (Xavier Gens) and Y (Jason Eisner). F, G and M can be saved. And L (Timo Tjahjanto) is only for the die-hard.
Abduction (2011) * * Bourne for teenagers - and for the poor: "Twilight" crush Taylor Lautner makes his debut as an action star and shows the facial expressions of a stone. Add to that boring dialogues, wasting stars in supporting roles, silly macho demeanor so typical of director John Singleton - and the most nonsensical story this side of Ed Wood. Coincidences, Red Herrings, and one of the dumbest McGuffins ever (a list of names that nobody knows what causes them): This is how you make a fail thriller. Only the fights are really nice. And Michael Nyqvist as the villain.
Abduction Club, The (2002) * * A cheeky, filmed historical comedy drama bang ... that gets extremely boring in the long run. Nicely cast (especially Sophia Myles).
Abdullah (1980)* * ½ Staged without focus, but halfway entertaining Bollywood epic with Raj Kapoor in one of his last roles.
Adventure of Huck Finn, Die (2012) * * ½Brave and streamlined second Mark Twain film adaptation of Hermione Huntgeburth.
Adventures of Prince Achmed, The (1926) * * ½ The German silent film with silhouette figures is a film-historical delicacy - but nothing more.
Abhay (2001)* * ½ Psychedelic Bollywood thriller with Kamala Haasan in a double role. Very very strange movie!
Abhijan (1962) * * * ½ Satyajit Rays most successful film: A long, but rather brisk melodrama with terrific imagery and a first-class cast.
Abhimaan (1973)* * * ½ Emotional portrait of a marriage, fabulously played by Bollywood stars Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan.
Abhimanyu - The Hero (2009)* Bollywood junk of the amateur and boring kind.
From Ke Baras (2002)* * Loveless reincarnation thriller made in Bollywood.
Ab-normal Beauty / Sei mong se jun (2004)* * * Two films in one and therefore not exactly brilliantly constructed - but Oxide Pang provides a few nice shocks.
À bout de souffle (1960) - Out of breath* * * * The nimble Nouvelle Vague classic is the most influential film for modern cinema. For his feature film debut, Jean-Luc Godard mixed US B movies and French savoir vivre with cheeky staging (jump cuts, dialogues with the audience). Not ingenious, but extremely important ... the story (François Truffaut) about a narcissistic couple is ultimately warm air.
About a Boy (2002)* * * * Weirdly lovable and at the same time screamingly funny Nick Hornby adaptation with Hugh Grant in one of his best roles.
About Alex (2015)
* * * An unofficial update of the 80s cult film "The Big Chill", without its sophistication and depth, but always with entertaining conversations about the world and the times in which we live.
About Cherry (2012) * * ½ Aimless drama about a girl who gets into the porn business. Well played and sexy due to the topic, but also moralizing in a predictable way and disappointingly unimportant towards the end.
About Her Brother / Ototo (2010)* * * ½ Emotional drama about a conflicted brother / sister relationship.
About Last Night (2014) * * * An ensemble comedy set among African Americans that relies heavily on clichés, but entertains, mainly because of a few cheeky considerations on the subject of the gender struggle.
À bout portant (2010) - Point Blank - From a short distance * * * The French Reisser is staged at breathtaking speed. There may be gigantic gaps in credibility, but given the speed of the narrative, you can't really think about it for long.
About Schmidt (2002)* * * * Heartwarmed tragic comedy with Jack Nicholson as a listless pensioner in an absolutely brilliant role.
About Time (2013) * * * ½ Too long, but really charming time travel romance by Richard Curtis, who brings the message "enjoy every day" to the audience with intelligence and wit.
Above the Law (1987) - Nico * ½ Brutal Action Murks with Steven Seagal. Some action fans like the movie, but I turn it off as soon as Seagal walks in the picture.
Abracadabra (2018) * * ½ The director of the innovative black and white film "Blancanieves" shot an unsteady mix of comedy, drama and fantasy thriller, which deserves praise for its unconventional approach, but left me strangely cold after just a few minutes.
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) * * Timur Bekmambetov ("Wanted") turns the cult novel into a brittle, pointless and visually exhausting orgy that has a bit of pep at the beginning, but becomes increasingly tedious - and boring.
À bras ouverts (2017) - Come in! * * ½The French comedy by the "Monsieur Claude" makers serves up almost the same multicultural fun again, but this time with even more clichés and significantly less fresh.
Abrazos rotos, lot (2009) - Broken hugs * * ½ Pedro Almodóvar's weakest film in a long time is nobly staged, but told confusedly and sluggishly. While Penélope Cruz plays like a screen diva, other figures seem too constructed. Biggest drawback? The overly long film prefers to quote Almodóvar than to pack and surprise. And in the end you need clichés to cement the story.
Abre los ojos (1997)- Virtual Nightmare * * * ½ Mindfuck thriller with sexy Penelope and clever twists. But the end is to open. Remake: Vanilla Sky.
Abril Despedaçado / Behind the Sun (2001)- Behind the sun* * * Well-intentioned, but overly simplistic Arthur Cohn production. Filmed beautifully.
Launch run (2014)* * Tumbe German school comedy about boys who make it in Prague. Much too aggressive in terms of humor, and you are never there with the characters.
Absence of Malice (1981) - The sensational reporter* * * The ending is a bit banal, but otherwise Sydney Poitier's drama is a nice antithesis to Pakula's "All the President's Men".
Absent Minded Professor (1961) - The absent-minded professor* * ½ Quite banal, but still entertaining. In 1997 the remake "Flubber" was created with Robin Williams.
Absolute Giants (1999) * * * German tragic comedy: Melancholic, funny and extremely entertaining.
Absolute Power (1997) * * * Mature thriller by and with Clint Eastwood. Gene Hackman and Ed Harris are brilliant as always.
Absurdistan (2008)
* * * Beautifully laconic German comedy about a town in Central Asia in which a conflict between the sexes breaks out due to a lack of water. Taciturn, funny, bizarre, only slightly repetitive in the long run.
From Tak Chappan (2004)* * * Small, fine and well played thriller drama from Bollywood.
From Tumhare Hawale Watan Sathiyo (2004)* * Sweaty long Bollywood drama with an anti-Pakistan mood that only turns around towards the end.
Downward (1984) * * * ½ Superb exciting German shocker in which four people get stuck in an elevator - including Götz George and Hannes Jaenicke.
Astray (1928) * * Boring silent film by G. W. Pabst, in which you also have trouble following the story because it doesn't have enough subtitles.
Abyss, The (1989) * * * * ½ James Cameron's underwater epic with revolutionary effects, dazzling music and a sympathetic message. The actors (Ed Harris) are 1A.

A.C.A.B. - All Cops Are Bastards (2012) * * * Somewhat lurid, but exciting Italian police drama that denounces corruption, racism and the impotence of the judiciary, treading left and right equally on the feet, and at the same time causing a certain aimlessness.
Acacia (2003)* * * Visually gorgeous, but content-wise somewhat empty horror film from South Korea.
Acantilado (2016) - The Cliff * * ½The sect thriller starts strong and atmospheric, also offers attractive scenes over and over again - but don't really know what to do with the story and ends in nowhere.Accident / Yi ngoi (2009)* * * Neatly staged and exciting Hong Kong thriller.
Accidental Detective / Tam jeong: deo bigining (2015)* * ½ A mix of crime and comedy that quickly becomes boring.
Accidental Husband, The (2008) - Married by chance * * ½ Sympathetic love comedy (including Uma Thurman, Colin Firth), whose formula you can see through in an instant and lack the freshness.
Accidental Spy / Dak miu mai shing (2001) - Reluctant spy* * * Routine, but ultimately a bit ordinary Jackie Chan adventure.
Accidental Tourist (1988) - The Travels of Mr. Leary * * * Lovable tragic comedy with heart and brain - but also a little extra length.
Accident on Hill Road (2009)* ½ Lame Bollywood remake of "Stuck".
Accidents Happen (2009) * * ½Half curious, half formulaic tragic comedy from the often-seen family environment of US suburbs. Solidly played, sometimes with black humor, sometimes touching, mostly given away.
Acción mutante (1993) - Action mutant* * Freaky Spanish trash at its best - but often just stupid.
Accountant, The (2016)* * * A few interesting ideas make the otherwise rather streamlined thriller worth seeing.
Accused, The (1988) - Accused * * * * Brilliantly played drama about the rape of a young woman and the fight of a lawyer.
Ace Attorney / Gyakuten saiban (2012) * * * Popular and, despite its length, quite fresh game adaptation by Takashi Miike.
Ace in the Hole (1951)
* * * * Billy Wilder's timeless, famously staged attack on greed and sensationalism, haunted by Kirk Douglas & Co.
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)* * * Well, Jim Carrey as a freaky animal detective is certainly not for everyone - but I have fun.
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (1995) * * * The sequel is also a matter of taste. Most of the gags ignite - but are admittedly quite infantile.
Achanak (1998)* * Extra-long Bollywood spectacle that changes from a love story to an absurd thriller.
Achilles and the Tortoise / Achilles to kame (2008)* * * The curious tragic comedy is the last part of Takeshi Kitani's disjointed autobiography trilogy.
Ready, set, Chalie! (2003)* * ½ Silly Swiss military comedy that only really gets going in the middle section.
Ready, set, WK! (2013) * * ½ Continuation of the Swiss hit comedy, less clumsy, but still very silly. The characters are a little more personable, the timing a little better - but attempts to incorporate below-the-belt humor and even shock jokes usually fail.
Acid Factory (2009)* * Dröges Bollywood plagiarism of "Unknown".
A Costa dos Murmúrios (2004)* * ½ Well-intentioned, but rather detached drama against the background of the Portuguese line-up of Mozambique.
Acoustic / Eokooseutics (2010)* * ½ Loosely linked episodes promoting the Korean indie music scene.
A.cross the line: The Exodus of Charlie Wright (2010) - La Linea 2 * * ½ Atmospheric, but curiously thin thriller drama, which offers hardly anything dramaturgically. But at least this is noble and atmospheric. The German title "La Linea 2" is gaga by the way, the films have nothing to do with each other.
Across the Tracks (1990) - rivals* * ½ A young Brad Pitt and Ricky Schroeder as brothers who are rivals on the racetrack. Clichéd but well done.
Across the Universe (2007) * * * Hippie kitsch and 33 newly arranged Beatles hits packed into a somewhat thin, but visually playful sixties homage from "Frida" director Julie Taymor.
Action Replayy (2010)* * ½ Colorful 70's homage that never really wants to click.
Act of Valor (2012) * ½ Brutal action box whose only selling point is that real Navy Seals play the leading roles. Unfortunately, they act extremely stiffly, the threshed phrases of honor and family are bursting with pathos - and the story is no good. After all, the action in the last act finally delivers what you want from it.
Actor's Revenge, An / Yukinojo henge (1963) * * * ½ Stylized and extremely fascinating frenzy of images by Kon Ichikawa.
Actresses, The / Yeobaewoodeul (2009)* * * ½ Insightful chats from six Korean star actresses.
Acts of Violence (1990) - act of violence* * ½ Fred Zinnemann shot a mediocre film noir with no real highlights.

Ada apa dengan Cinta? (2003)* * * ½ Touching and extremely sympathetic teen drama from Indonesia.
Adaptation. (2002)- Adaptation * * * ½ Weird, clever and brilliantly played comedy with an unsatisfactory last third.
Ad Astra (2019) * * * ½Hypnotic, melancholy and decelerated sci-fi drama that looks like a mixture of "Silent Running" and James Gray's last film "Lost City of Z". Brad Pitt is famous in the lead role, all other actors are degraded to catchwords. Biggest drawback: Despite interesting approaches, the central story is then very thin.
Addams Family (1991)
* * * * Ex-cameraman Barry Sonnenfeld succeeded in creating a wonderfully over-the-top, pitch-black film version of the morbid TV series.
Addams Family Values ​​(1993) * * * * Who says sequels are always worse? The morbid sequel to the 1991 hit is just as good - if not better.
Addams Family Reunion (1998)* * TV sequel to the two movie hits. It's only half as much fun without Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston.
Addicted to Love (1997) - In terms of love * * * ½ Cheeky love comedy with Meg Ryan as a pretty beastly brat who wants to wipe out her ex-lover. With Matthew Broderick.
Addiction, The (1995) * * * Less of a vampire drama than a stylish black and white parable on war, epidemics and evil in general. As usual with Ferrara, quite bloody.
Address Unknown (2001)* * * ½ Extremely dark Koranic drama with partly hysterical, partly poetic scenes.
Adieux à la reine, Les (2012) - Goodbye, my queen! * * * ½ Nobly furnished and exquisitely occupied court drama about the decay of the French nobility. Smug scenes and the mix of elegance and wickedness always create fascinating moments.
Adjuster, The (1991) - The treasure* * Atom Egoyan is not my thing. Many also love his "adjuster", I find him boring - despite the atmospheric pictures and plastic penis.
Adjustment Bureau, The (2011)
- The Plan * * * ½ Refreshingly sober Philip K. Dick film adaptation, in which you have to put aside unbelief, and in return you get a clever, exciting, sometimes funny and increasingly romantic film that is simply entertaining.
Ad Lib Night / Aju teukbyeolhan sonnim (2006)* * * Sympathetic, quiet, low-budget drama from Korea.
Admiral, The / Rengo kantai shirei chokan (2011)* * * A biography / war drama enriched with a bit of pathos.
Admiral: Roaring Currents, The / Myeong-ryang (2014)* * * ½ The most successful Koranic film of all time: A nationalistic monument rich in pathos.
Admission (2013) * * Quite uncomfortable comedy that Tina Frey and Paul Rudd sells far below value and does not really dare to target the admission process at the US elite universities.
Adolescent, An / Shôjo (2001)* * Long, diffuse ego project with provocative sex as the sole reason to sell.
Adrift / Choi voi (2009)* * * Noble, somewhat slow drama from Vietnam in terms of content.
Adrift (2018)* * ½Neatly staged true story drama about a couple who got into trouble at sea; but the dramaturgy is not really carried away, there are hardly any surprises, especially since we have seen similar stories so often.
Adrift in Tokyo / Tenten (2007)* * * ½ Loving, relaxed slow road movie through the streets of Tokyo.
Adulthood (2009) - Streets of London: Day of Retribution * ** Hard street film, a bit bold, full of poser demeanor and less toxic than its predecessor, but definitely toxic, and entertaining anyway.
Adventureland (2009) * * * ½ Highly sympathetic tragic comedy about joy and hardships while getting older, not extremely profound, but always full of charm. And Kristen Stewart shows that she can not only be dead bored.
Adventure of Iron Pussy, The / Hua jai tor ra nong (2003)* * ½ Trashy homage to the classic Thai films with a tranny as a super agent.
Adventures in Babysitting (1987) -The night of adventure* * ½ Chris Columbus' directorial debut ("Harry Potter") is simple but amusing.
Adventures of Baron Münchhausen, The (1989) * * * ½ Terry Gilliam's fantasy comedy was a flop in the cinema. I think the weird mix is ​​delicious despite the excess length.
Adventures of Ford Farlaine, The (1990) * * Renny Harlin's macho comedy is downright politically incorrect, but the level is often too low even for me.
Adventures of Huck Finn, The (1993) * * ½ Stephen Sommers' ("The Mummy") Mark Twain adaptation is well cast (Elijah Wood), but has been defused.
Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, The (1949) * * * Disney double cartoon with stories about "Sleepy Hollow" and the adventurous toad man Mr. Toad.
Adventures of Milo & Otis / Koneko monogatari (1985)- Miez und Pug * * ½ As a child I loved this Japanese animal film, but every time I watch it, I found the narrative voice, the unsuitable music and the moderate staging more disturbing.
Adventures of Pinocchio, The (1996) - The legend of Pinocchio* * * Fabulously cast, if quite dark fantasy film with great effects.
Adventures of Pluto Nash, The (2002)* * Dreadful sci-fi comedy with good production design, but a terrible story and tired actors. A mega-flop at the box office.
Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, The (1994) * * * * Phenomenal, Australian drag queen road movie with a young Guy Pearce ("Time Machine").
Adventures of Robin Hood, The (1938) * * * * A Technicolor classic with Errol Flynn as the avenger of the disinherited.
Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, The (2000) * * ½ Quite weird humor that is more suitable for adults. Still no comparison to "Roger Rabbit"
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The (1939) * * ½ The first Sherlock Holmes film with Basil Rathbone looks a bit gray and is not the highlight of the series.
Adventures of Tintin, The (2011) - The adventures of Tintin - The Secret of the Unicorn * * * * I would have liked the film to be live action, but thanks to the animation, director Steven Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson are from the ghost very close to the template by Hergé: Your entertaining animation hit is pure speed and entertainment, peppered with a lot of humor and some virtuoso scenes. The Bagghar chase is breathtakingly implemented by a man who knows how to shoot a sequence with energy. The opening credits crackle with style. The finale with the fighting cranes generates glorious ideas. The fact that some characters look a bit cool (especially the smooth Tintin and the curiously detailed Struppi) may be a disadvantage, but this is a comic at heart, full of homages to Hergé, implemented by people who apparently love Tim & Struppi. One of the most uncompromisingly entertaining films of recent times and very much in line with Steven Spielberg's earlier works.

Aegis / Bokoku no igisu (2005)* * * "The Rock" in Japanese: entertaining but uninspired.
Aeja (2009)* * * Touching, if not very innovative, mother-daughter drama.
Aelita (1924)* * * Fascinating, but otherwise rather sluggish work in the sci-fi scenes.
Aeon Flux / Æon Flux (2005) * * ½ Crude, but often entertaining sci-fi trash by the "Girlfight" director based on an MTV trick series from the 90s with sexy Charlize Theron.
Aeronauts, The (2019) * * * Solid and entertaining true story adventure film about a heroic balloon flight in Victorian times. As great as co-star Felicity Jones plays, the question arises as to whether it is legitimate for a male person, which is essential for the plot, to be replaced by a fictional female person. Honoring artistic freedom, but removing someone from history just because they were a man seems weird.
Aetbaar (2004)* * ½ Bollywood remake of "Fear" with a star cast but without innovation or great tension.
Affair, An / Jung Sa (1998)* * * South Korean love drama between reserved, subtle, slow and ordinary.
Affair (2010)* * Short but urgent Indonesian horror that doesn't make enough of its idea.
Affaire d’état, Une (2009) - Enemies of the State: Murder at the highest level * * * France-Reisser staged somewhat according to the formula of conspiracy thriller with a convincing cast and a few appropriate rudeness. Not a high-flyer, but exciting.
Afflicted (2013) * * * Low-budget horror film that uses the found footage style but does it in a refreshingly solid way. Technically okay, also in terms of acting, one might only have expected a better performance in terms of dramaturgy, since most of the highlights are in the middle and the tension therefore subsides. Still a nice relative of "Chronicle".
Afraid of the Dark (1991) * * Playing with fantasy / reality and blindness / vision is interesting, but very leisurely, if not to say boring.
Afraid to Die / Karakkaze yaro (1960)* * * Entertaining yakuza film with a satirical touch. In the lead role: cult author Yukio Mishima.
African Lion, The (1955) - Secrets of the steppe* * * A classic Disney documentary that seems stiff today.
African Queen, The (1951) * * * * An adventure classic with two famous stars: Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn as fighters are divine.
AFRICA. / Africa (2002)* * * Korean version of "Thelma and Louise" or "Set It Off". Relatively lively, but the scriptwriter didn't know where she was going.
Afsana Pyar Ka (1991)* * ½ Entertaining Bollywood love film with Aamir Khan. Unfortunately a bit dreary in the middle part and too brutal at the end.
After (2019) - After Passion * * ½The bestselling novel about a teenage love is predictable through and through, offers rather bland conflicts, a boy thrashing the phrase and no ideas whatsoever. No wonder, as the idea behind it was fan fiction for One Direction star Harry Styles. But: With small deductions, the main actors are quite sympathetic (such phrases as "let me explain" or "do you trust me?" Annoy me - just say what's the matter, damn it!) And the promise of sensuality is kept. The book fans should be satisfied, even if the main actor Hero Fiennes Tiffin, the nephew of the Fiennes brothers, doesn't look anything like Styles.
After Earth (2013) * * ½M. Night Shyamalan filmed a story by Will Smith, who most likely saw the whole thing as a star vehicle for his son Jaden. Accordingly, the focus is on the moderately gifted youth. The sci-fi look is ok, the soundtrack is good and the simple story as a survival-meets-family drama isn't as bad as some critics claim. But because Papa Will has to play a stoic soldier, everything seems extremely lifeless and fun, the flashbacks are sticky and all the wisdom of life sometimes comes across as a Scientology sermon. Certainly not the disaster that was to be expected given the financial flop, but not a good film either.
Afterglow (1997) - Love Whispers * * * Leisurely tragic comedy by Alan Rudolph with Nick Nolte, Julie Christie and Angelina Jolie's ex-husband Johnny Lee Miller.
After Hours (1985) * * ½ Martin Scorsese's confused comedy has its fans - I'm not one of them ... although Linda Fiorentino is sexy even with short hair.
After Life / Wandafuru raifu (1998)* * * ½ Subtle, simply structured, but from the point of view captivating drama.
After.Life (2009)
* * ½ Visually appealing horror melodrama, strongly played by the stars Liema Neeson and Christina Ricci, which takes a cool idea (can a gravedigger talk to the deceased or is the victim still alive?), But in between gets too bogged down in horror clichés. Well done as an episode of "Twilight Zone", a bit too thin as a feature film.
Aftermath (2017) - Vendetta * * ½ Not much was left of the real original, the Überlingen plane crash, in this Hollywood version. Arnold Schwarzenegger seems, despite solid drama play, in the main role also a little misplaced.
Aftershock / Tangshan dadizhen (2010)* * ½ Calculated, long and a bit dry despite tears.
Aftershock (2013) * * ½ Chilean disaster film-turns-into-horror film with a few successful scenes and sexy girls. But almost nobody can act here, especially not star / producer Eli Roth.
Aftershock: Earthquake in New York (1999) * ½ The effects in this disaster film are OK, but the human fates sucks cliché.
After the Storm / Umi yori mo mada fukaku (2016)* * * * Another sensitive masterpiece by Hirokazu Kore-eda.
After the Sunset (2004)* * ½ Relaxed caper comedy in front of a tropical backdrop - unfortunately quite uninspired.
After the Wedding / Efter brylluppet (2006) - After the wedding* * * The heavily played drama shoots its powder a little early, but picks up again at the end.
After This Our Exile / Fu zi (2006)* * * ½ Virtuoso staged and excellently performed Hong Kong drama.
After We Collided (2020) - After Truth * ½ The parting of a toxic relationship continues, only this time more focused on sex, leaving no room for action or character development. One wished for the bite and irony back, which director Roger Kumble once demonstrated with "Cruel Intentions" and which has never been achieved since ...

Against All Odds (1989) - Against every chance* * ½ A bit of a tepid crime thriller that has a lot of intrigues but no juice. Phil Collins contributed "Take a Look at Me Now".
Against the Current (2009)
* * * Dreamily illustrated and neatly played drama about the final swimming marathon of a death-yearning. The tendency to exhaustion is broken by moments of wit, but in the end the matter remains somewhat questionable in the statement.
Against the Dark (2009)
* Steven Seagal trash from the bottom drawer, pleasantly bloody, but the fat ex-star only plays a supporting role in which he is endlessly doubled again and now and then, tired, spits out a sentence. The rest is the most boring banal horror in crumbling backdrops.
Against the Ropes (2004) - The Promoter * * * Conventional but entertaining sports film with Meg Ryan - somewhere between "Erin Brockovich" and "Jerry Maguire".
Agantuk - The Stranger (1991)* * * Satyajit Rays last film in his typical style.
Âge de raison, L (2010) - Vergissmichnicht * * * A charming tragicomedy directed by Yann Samuell ("Jeux d'enfants") about a manager who remembers her youth. Actually a harmless and rather lacking in ideas film, which, however, gains a lot in value due to the presence of Sophie Marceau in the leading roles.
Age d'or, L '(1930) - The Golden age* * * ½ Perfectly assembled, controversial, surreal masterpiece by Luis Buñuel - without any logic or story.
Agent Akira (1998) * * ½ Anime action film that is obsessed with showing girls' panties. Really at everyone Opportunity!
Agent Cody Banks (2003) * * ½ Kiddie version of "James Bond" ... without the charm and imagination of the "Spy Kids" films.
Agent Vinod (2012)* * ½ In terms of content, not exactly sophisticated, but rapidly staged Bollywood agent film.
Age of Adaline, The (2015)
- Forever Adaline * * * ½A very sticky, but beautifully melancholy fantasy romance about a woman (Blake Lively) who doesn't age. Including Harrison Ford in one of his best supporting roles.
Age of Heroes (2011) * * ½A clichéd, but solidly played and staged hero story about a troupe recruited by "James Bond" author Ian Fleming to fight Nazis in Norway. The bad guys are really bad here, the heroes are heroic - and in the end everything goes way too fast. A film with a touch of potential that it never really exhausts. Logically, he made his debut on DVD ...
Age of Innocence (1993) - time of innocence* * * For many, Scorsese's costume drama is awesome. Despite the stars and the exquisite camera, I find him tough. And I don't particularly like Daniel-Day Lewis (here).
The Age of Shadows / Miljeong (2016)* * * ½ Too long, too dark, but above all in the second half a very successful historical thriller by Kim Jee-woon.
Aggar (2007)* * Predictable and not particularly exciting Bollywood thriller.
Aggressives, The / Taepungtaeyang (2005)* * * Cool skater film from Korea. With lengths, but worth seeing.
Agitator (2001)* * * Takashi Miike's yakuza epic starts out boring and confused, but gains in structure and speed.
Agito / Gin-iro no kami no Agito (2006)* * * Fast-paced, big-budget anime about a future in which humans and forests live in enmity.
Agneepath (1990)* * * Late masala film of the somewhat exhausting but intense kind.
Agneepath (2012)* * * Powerful, but only at the end completely passionate masala remake.
Agnes (2015) * * ½ The adaptation of the debut novel by the Swiss writer Peter Stamm has an interesting core, but it is increasingly cumbersome and lethargic.
Agnes of God (1989) - Agnes - angel in fire* * * Not without length, clichés and pseudo-religiosity, but thanks to strong play and experienced direction, worth seeing.
Agni Nakshatram (1988)* * * Rapidly entertaining early work by Mani Ratnam - without the finesse of his later films.
Agni Pankh (2004)* ½ Silly, boring and sensational action film from Bollywood.
Agni Sakshi (1996) * * ½ Solid Bollywood remake of "Sleeping With the Enemy" with a strong villain in the person of Nana Patekar ..
Agni Varsha (2002)* * Ambitious, attractively filmed theatrical adaptation without the touch of suspense. Nice and boring.
Agora (2009) * * * ½A somewhat unspectacular, but neatly staged historical film as an accusation against religious intolerance. In the film, the aggression comes from the Christians, but you can equate almost any religion. Historically, many things are unsustainable, others are polemical, and it should be longer in order to be able to breathe better - but the film is always fascinating.
Agnosia (2010)
* * * The Spanish mystery drama, staged by creative minds close to Guillermo Del Toro, looks good, is solidly played and offers a few puzzles. But there is never any real tension and in the end it is not really tricky either.
Agony and the Ecstasy, The (1965)- Michelangelo - Inferno and Ecstasy * * * ½ Carol Reed's film about the creation of the ceiling painting in the Sistine Chapel is not immensely surprising, but very entertaining.
Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1972) * * * ½ When Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski work together, the result is always something worth seeing. Like this adventure drama.
Agyaat - The Unknown (2009)* * Trashy Ram Gopal Varma horror with an (too) invisible enemy.
Ah aah: Anbe Aaruyire (2005) * * ½ Entertaining, but overly long and bumpy staged Tamil comedy.
Ahingsa (2005)* * ½ Passable, rather weird tragic comedy from Thailand.
Ahista Ahista (2006)* * * Almost painfully slow staged, but refreshingly narrated and acted Bollywood love film with great music.
Ah Long Pte Ltd (2008) * * The Singapore version of "My Wife Is a Gangster" is staged rather sluggishly and blandly.

A.I. (2001)- Artificial Intelligence* * * * The Legacy of Stanley Kubrick, directed by Steven Spielberg. Extremely ambitious, visually intoxicating, ultimately problematic.
Aigle à deux têtes, L '(1948) * * * Jean Cocteau's reversal of his own "La belle et la bête": poetic but lengthy.
Air America (1990) * * Maue adventure comedy with Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr.
Airborne (1993) * A cute lead couple doesn't make a good movie. The story of this stupid rollerblade film is only pretend pacifist.
Air Doll / Kuki ningyo (2009)* * * Harmonious, well played, but somewhat aimless tragic comedy in terms of content.
Air Force One (1997) * * * ½ The glorification of the president is questionable, but there is nothing wrong with the game of the actors and the action potential in Wolfgang Petersen's Reisser.
Airheads (1994) * * ½ Comedy with Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi and Adam Sandler: Quite amusing despite falling entertainment.
Airplane! (1980) - The incredible journey in a crazy plane* * * * ½ Merciless diaphragm attack from the ZAZ team that you can just see again and again.
Airplane II: The Sequel (1982) - The incredible journey in a crazy spaceship* * * * Quoting gag parade in which almost everyone of the thousand gags sits.
Airport (1970) * * * ½