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Medicines for pets: be careful when buying online!

A lot of goods are currently being ordered over the Internet. So it might make sense for pet owners to look for medication for their pet online. Whether worm tablets or tick repellants: Internet platforms keep offering veterinary drugs for sale. However, mail order sales of this kind are prohibited for most medicines in Switzerland. Specifically, this means that veterinary medicinal products may not be offered in catalogs, brochures or on the Internet and sent to customers. This applies to all veterinary medicinal products in Swissmedic dispensing categories A, B (prescription only) and D.

Pet owners who still order medication over the Internet not only risk legal consequences, but can also endanger the health of their pets. Many veterinary medicines that are offered on the Internet are counterfeit, of poor quality or ineffective. But even if the quality of the medication is acceptable, prescription drugs can normally lead to side effects if used improperly. Certain veterinary drugs must be used within the framework of a concept so that the animal is adequately cared for. This applies, for example, to drugs for parasite control, which can be found relatively often on the Internet.

The Society of Swiss Veterinarians (GST) therefore recommends obtaining medication from the veterinarian.

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