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Punjabi or Punjabi / Punjabi is a language used by more than 100 million speakers. It is the official language in Pakistan and in the Indian state of Punjab. It is written, depending on the occurrence, either in the so-called Shahmukhi script (which roughly means "from the mouth of the kings") or in the Gurmukhi script (which means: "from the mouth of the guru"). Punjabi is also a tonal language, i.e. depending on how the pitch behaves, the meaning of a word results.

Comprehensive language skills are required primarily because of the complexity of the language. That is why the World Contact translation agency, based in Gera (Thuringia), offers qualified translators who specialize in German-Punjabi or Punjabi-German translations. Both general texts and specialist texts German-Punjabi or Punjabi-German are done in our Punjabi translation agency in a timely and quality-conscious manner. Since our translation agency World Contact has a broad portfolio of native-speaking translators who specialize in technical translations, legal translations and scientific translations, we can guarantee that your orders will be processed with impeccable high quality.

High quality of our service at the Punjabi translation agency

Regardless of whether you need a legal translation, a technical translation or a scientific translation, our Punjabi translation agency provides the right Punjabi-German or German-Punjabi translator for all subject areas. In order to guarantee you a flawless translation, we work with professional and highly specialized native speakers who handle your orders with both content and linguistic precision.

Whether it's a Punjabi-German or German-Punjabi translation, our Punjabi translation agency World Contact in Gera works competently, professionally, reliably and with the most modern options.

All of the data and documents you provide to us will be treated with appropriate care and confidentiality.

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