Why doesn't PETA protest against the slaughter of cows?

Stories about cruelty to animals

  • Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment

    Protest against tortured meat at Rewe: 62 chickens in front of Rewe headquarters in Teltow

  • Wildlife Protection Germany e.V.

    All the brutality of the young fox hunt

  • Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment

    Date: Protest in front of Rewe headquarters in Teltow "Rewe torture meat? Without me!" on May 20, 11 a.m.

  • Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment

    "Rewe torture meat? Without me!" / Rewe falls behind Aldi and Norma when it comes to animal welfare

  • PETA Germany e.V.

    Andrea Sawatzki for animals in Romania: dog lover speaks radio spot for "Peta Helps Romania" - interview and photo motif with appeal

  • SOKO Tierschutz e.V.

    SOKO Tierschutz files criminal complaint against the Unna veterinary office / animal rights activists demand immediate suspension of office

    Dortmund / Unna / Munich (ots) - The recordings of the systematic anesthetized slaughter in the Prott slaughterhouse shook the population. The German slaughterhouse Prott tortured the animals to death every day. Despite numerous references, the veterinary office was not able to deal with the criminal ...

  • PETA Germany e.V.

    Sky du Mont supports PETA's campaign against marine zoos and appeals to TUI boss Joussen with a video: "Please remove dolphinariums worldwide from the program!"

  • New Osnabrück Newspaper

    Greens: Animal abusers should be prosecuted more often and punished more severely

    Osnabrück (ots) - Bundestag parliamentary group wants to reform the penal code - Künast: No vote of no confidence against farmers in Osnabrück. According to the Greens, cruelty to animals will in future be punished more frequently and more severely than has been the case up to now. As the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung" (NOZ) reports, the parliamentary group has a corresponding bill ...

  • PETA Germany e.V.

    Ariane Sommer completely free ... from egg: PETA presents sexy motifs, vegan recipes and radio spot for Easter

  • PETA Germany e.V.

    Comedian Maria Clara Groppler in a PETA video interview on vegan life: "For me there is no turning back"

    Stuttgart (ots) - Comedian Maria Clara Groppler gives an insight into her vegan lifestyle in PETA's new video interview: In addition to the motives of the 22-year-olds, topics such as dating with non-vegans and vegan jokes are also discussed. With the cruelty-free lifestyle, the comedian will at the latest ...

  • Animal Rights Watch e.V.

    Petition started: Tethering that is cruel to animals must not become a UNESCO World Heritage Site

    Garmisch-Partenkirchen (ots) - The Garmisch-Partenkirchen district plans to protect the cultural landscape there as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this context, the "combination husbandry" of cattle should also be classified as a cultural asset worthy of protection [1]. "Combination posture" means ...

  • SOKO Tierschutz e.V.

    After Germany's worst animal welfare scandal / trial: animal welfare finally calls for harsh penalties against animal abusers / protest action on Friday in front of the court / animal rights activists call for prison

  • bonprix Handelsgesellschaft mbH

    Shoes and bags from the bonprix fashion brand receive a PETA Approved Vegan certificate

  • German Animal Welfare Office

    Scandal organic slaughterhouse in Neuruppin stops slaughtering - public prosecutor's office is investigating animal cruelty - German animal welfare office demands harsh penalties for the perpetrators

    Neuruppin (ots) - The German Animal Welfare Office published images from the Färber organic slaughterhouse in Neuruppin near Berlin on Tuesday. The pictures show how brutal the pigs are handled in the stunning area. The animals are kicked, thrown and sometimes hooked several times ...

  • German Animal Welfare Office

    Beaten, kicked, mistakenly stunned: Animal cruelty & legal violations uncovered in organic slaughterhouse near Berlin - the main buyer is apparently the organic company - German animal welfare office files criminal charges

    Neuruppin (ots) - The German Animal Welfare Office has video material from the dye slaughterhouse in Neuruppin near Berlin. The pictures show how brutal the pigs are handled in the stunning area. The animals are kicked, thrown and sometimes hit with rakes several times. "This is ...

  • SOKO Tierschutz e.V.

    Shock video: Huntress kills house cat in painful traps / Hunters kill hundreds of thousands of house cats every year - the animals disappear without a trace / SOKO Tierschutz demands a ban on trapping

    Augsburg (ots) - SOKO Tierschutz has a video that shows the extremely cruel killing of a house cat by a hunter. The video was probably recorded in December in the outskirts of Augsburg. The recording begins with a frightened cat in a so-called live trap. The animal is locked up ...

  • German Animal Welfare Office

    Once again unbelievable animal cruelty in Lower Saxony pig fattening uncovered - hidden cameras document how pigs are illegally mistreated and killed in an "animal welfare" stable

    Wietmarschen (ots) - The German Animal Welfare Office has extensive image material from a pigsty in Wietmarschen (County of Bentheim / Lower Saxony). With some of its animals, the company takes part in the "Animal Welfare" initiative (curled tail premium). That means the curly tails ...

  • SOKO Tierschutz e.V.

    Shock scenes from the gas box: SOKO Tierschutz uncovered animal torture in the fur industry / death throes of minks in gas

  • Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment

    Burger King says no to cage eggs worldwide

    Berlin (ots) - Restaurant Brands International (RBI) will be 100% cage-free. The restaurant group includes Burger King - the world's fifth largest fast food chain - as well as Tim Hortons and Popeyes. All three RBI companies undertake to no longer use caged eggs anywhere in the world. This was preceded by a global campaign by the Open Wing Alliance (OWA), an association of 80 animal welfare organizations ...

  • PETA Germany e.V.

    Actress Karin Hanczewski appeals to consumers with PETA motif and video: "Animals are not Christmas presents!"

  • German Animal Welfare Office

    After SARS-CoV-2 outbreaks on European mink farms: German NGOs are calling for a ban on fur farming throughout the EU in a position paper

    Berlin (ots) - In the last few weeks and months there has been various evidence of SARS CoV-2 in well over 300 European mink farms, starting on several mink farms in the Netherlands in the middle of this year. The Dutch government reacted quickly and ordered the killing of all animals ...

  • German Animal Welfare Office

    So much do Finnish "monster foxes" suffer for the German fashion market - German Animal Welfare Office publishes shocking images from "showcase fur farms" by "Saga Furs"

  • German Animal Welfare Office

    Hidden recordings prove: Tönnies suppliers torture, mistreat and shoot pigs with a rifle

  • Erdlingshof e. V.

    Cruelty to animals in the Volksdorf museum village - great concern for the safety of the Goofy cattle

  • Laverana GmbH

    lavera Naturkosmetik is now cooperating with PETA

  • Action alliance "Animals belong to the circus"

    Circus animals: Klöckner opens Pandora's box

  • Animals' Angels

    German 'milk' cows in Moroccan slaughterhouses - Animals' Angels exposes them

  • Lavylites

    Lavylite is one of the world's best cosmetics of 2020

    BUDAPEST AND HAMBURG, Jan. 29 / PRNewswire / - Lavylites won three main prizes in the world's most prestigious independent competition in the beauty industry, the Global Beauty & Wellness Awards.More than 300 entries were received for the world's most important independent competition in the beauty and wellness industry for innovative and sustainable cosmetics, personal care products and exceptional wellness hotels. ...

  • PETA Germany e.V.

    Marcus Schenkenberg with a new PETA motif: "Animal experiments? No thanks!"

  • German Animal Welfare Office

    Boars are forced to ejaculate in such a perverted and abnormal manner - German Animal Welfare Office publishes hidden video recordings from the insemination station for the first time & reports charges of sexual assault

    Berlin (ots) - The German Animal Welfare Office has hidden video recordings that were made in an insemination station in East Germany. It is the first time that such recordings have come to the public. In industrial factory farming, everything is trimmed for efficiency and so ...