Do the Chinese differ from the Vietnamese

Difference Between Chinese and Vietnamese

Chinese vs. Vietnamese

There is an abundance of differences between a Chinese and a Vietnamese person. The answer in distinguishing the two depends on which aspect you want to look at. For example, if you focus on differentiating the physical characteristics of the Chinese and Vietnamese, you will come across some. If you focus on the Chinese or Vietnamese language and culture, you will also find many important differences.

In terms of appearance, the Vietnamese are not very different from the Chinese. These two races are both Asian and share looks. Nevertheless, you can see that Vietnamese people often have wider noses. They also have a smaller body frame than the Chinese. They are quite short people with darker complexions and fuller eyes, such as those found in Southeast Asia.

Conversely, the Chinese appear taller than most Asians. Their physique usually ranges from small to average. Since China is a very large country, there are various cultural differences and changes in physique that vary slightly from region to region. For example, the Chinese from the south are usually shorter compared to those from the north. They also have bigger eyes or are quite darker in complexion. Because of this, they resemble the characteristics of most of the inhabitants of Southeast Asia.

In terms of language, Chinese has a very complicated set of languages ​​compared to Vietnamese. From the pronunciation and the notes to the writing of the Chinese characters, the Chinese language is quite remarkable. As mentioned earlier, due to the cultural differences and geographical vastness of China, there were many dialects that the Chinese people used and developed up to this point in time. Some of the most widely spoken Chinese languages ​​are: Mandarin, Wu, Cantonese, and Min. Despite the wide variety of dialects used in the country, it is not difficult for the Chinese to understand each other, especially if you are native to the country. It is because their languages, although different, have the same natural root and are mutually understandable. This means that any native can easily understand another person speaking a different Chinese dialect without any form of formal training.

The Vietnamese people, on the other hand, use their only national language and main language, which is also known as Vietnamese.

In total:

1. The Chinese are people who live in China (mainland) or Taiwan (Republic of China), while the term Vietnamese refers to the people who are native to Vietnam.

2. The Chinese use more complex dialects compared to the Vietnamese dialect.

3. Chinese people are usually taller and of small to average physique compared to the Vietnamese people's shorter height, wider nose, larger eyes, and dark skin tone.